Top Kid Gifts

FAMILY - 25 Top Kid Gifts For Under $25 - Gift Guide

How To Speak Truth

INSPIRATION - How To Speak Truth, Feel Good, & Look Good

Pregnancy Update + Inspiration to overcome fear!

Find Out If I am officially dilated, how I overcame SO Much FEAR + Exciting NEWS - 38 Weeks Pregnant

FASHION & FAMILY - Huge Announcement

We are Finally Sharing Our Daughter Name + Maternity Fashion

FAMILY - Be So Empowered

Celebrating Our Son's Adoption Day

BE INSPIRED - Know Your Passion

INSPIRATION - Wake Up With Passion and Purpose

FAMILY - Photo Session Giveaway 

FAMILY - Photo Session Giveaway With Holly Young Photography

Be INSPIRED & Renewed

INSPIRE - 30 Day Challenge - New Year, New You!!

How To Rock Disney With Your Kids

Disney World Tips & Tricks - Must Know For Parents

 Splashway Waterpark - Sheridan TX

TRAVEL - Family Fall Weekend At Splashway Waterpark & Campground - Enjoy Every Moment

5 Amazing Things To Do With Your Family In Gruene, TX

Weekend Vacation Tips - 5 Amazing Things to do in Gruene Tx.

Fun In The Sun - Family Style

5 Family Friendly Things To Do On The Stand (Our Family Adventure)

Family Back To School Shopping

Back To School Shopping tips for the entire family!

Learn How To Follow Your Dreams And Empower Your Family

Podcast Interview With Dana Tyson, Sharing about our adoption process, miraculous births and guardianship and how we see God in every season!

Michelle Hammons 

Beauty Life Coach


Ready to be inspired, empowered and equipped to SAY YES to your DREAMS? 

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