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5 Family Friendly Things To Do On The Stand (Our Family Adventure)

We are so thankful that we live so close to the beach!!! We LOVE the ocean, sunrises long walks on the beach lol but seriously though..... it’s one of our favorite places.!! And....We absolutely love going to Galveston for a staycations!!! Last weekend when my husband was out of town, I decided to take my kids down to our family beach house with my mom and dad! I love getting away and enjoying Adventures with my kiddos, even though we missed my husband, we had so much fun! And let’s be honest, Traveling two hours in the car can be a little challenging with a one and a half year old, but thank God for my son, he always helps to entertain mckenna and we play games, sing and they love to eat!

“I’m going to write a post about how to keep your kids entertained during a long car rides, can’t wait to share that next week! If you have some tips or tricks, please message me I would love to showcase your suggestion!”

We love to go to the The Strand and try out the shops, tours, and amazing restaurants. This trip we went to Willy Gs and we we’re so impressed with the views, the service and the food. I would definitely recommend you checking out this restaurant when you are in Galveston.

Our family is obsessed with good food and we always share everything.... so if you don’t like to share food, you may not want to come eat with us, because we will probably want to taste what you ordered. We loved everything we ordered, and here are some pictures of the amazing food!

Also, I was so impressed with this restaurant, we walked outside and we enjoyed the view and my kids absolutely loved running around and playing!

Here are five family friendly things that you can do on The Stand 💕

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