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INSPIRATION - How To Speak Truth, Feel Good, & Look Good + Mini Me Leopard Print Matching Outfit

What did you did this weekend? Me and my sweet mini me had a girls weekend and of course went out in our matching outfits! 💕This is a sneak peek of a new campaign I am working on The Wild At Heart Boutique to empower every women to LOVE their body no matter what size and no matter what transition you are going through. Since getting pregnant, my body has changed so rapidly AND this time around it has a been a little more challenging!!!! Real talk!!! 💕I felt so compelled to be transparent with you and share my journey and build community with all of you who are losing weight or on a self love journey! #selflove #bodypositive #pregnant #ad

3 ways to SHOW self LOVE - empower the good - focus on the truth

  1. Write 10 GOOD qualities about your self (keep this list with you)

  2. Say these things over yourself every morning

  3. Encourage someone else to only say good things about them self

Since becoming a parent, I have become ever more aware of the power that my words have over myself and my family! We can literally dictate and shift an atmosphere with a positive or negative word!

Therefore, It is a proven fact that people believe the things they can say over them self 80% more than if other say it.....SO speak the truth!!! You are created to empower and inspire those around you!

By the way, another way we stay positive in our family is through dancing and singing, the sillier the better because it ALWAYS makes us laugh!

Plus, I got McKenna's entire outfit at Carters for 50% off! She is obsessed with puppy's and I am obsessed with leopard so the outfit was a perfect combination.

Love you all and if you are loving my leopard coat, head to @thewildatheartboutique and we can we Twinkie’s too!!! 🙌💕

Thank you @loiscamposfotography for capturing this sweet moment!!

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