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Two years ago today, we officially adopted our son after fostering him for almost a year! It was such a miraculous day, full of joy and relief and excitement and a beautiful picture of God’s faithfulness!! 


Be So Empowered 


On that day, I shared a Facebook live video with all of my audience, my sweet amazing friends and family and our support group that had been empowering us, praying for us and encouraging us through this process. It was all about saying yes to the call of God on your life! We do not take it lightly that God has called and equipped us to be our sons parents and has chosen us to raise up a mighty man of God to do great things and change the community for the better!! Remember, after you say yes to your call, there is always breakthrough and blessing in the other side!


I feel so overwhelmed by all of the incredible blessings that we have been given, from adopting our son, to having our daughter and being pregnant with our next sweet baby girl! God’s plan for your life is better than the one you have for yourself, be so encouraged that this is going to be the best year yet!


I have added some of my favorite podcast that I listened to this week that really helped encourage and inspire me.... even though I was Exhausted from NO sleep + the video that I made two years ago about our adoption story, I think it will really encourage you! Love you all so much, so thankful to be on this journey with you!








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