I can’t wait for YOU TO FILLED WITH HOPE AS YOU READ THIS!!! I feel so inspired to share our family story and testimony!!!! .


For 4 years we Struggled with infertility... I cried every month when the pregnancy test read Not Pregnant!! I knew God had Called us to be parents and I WAS tired of being bombarded with feelings of shame, , pain, and disappointment. I Felt an urgency that adoption was not a last resort but at first priority and that GOD had imprinted our names on the heart of our children and they were waiting on US to say YES!!! .


We let go of one dream to HOLD on to another one! We began the process to foster to adopt, and after 6 months of courses, training, and paperwork we were asked to adopt our son!!!! WE said YES and Nine days after he moved in we found out we were 9 WEEKS pregnant!!!!! AFTER trying for 4 years!!!!! .


When my daughter was 15 months we found out that we were miraculously pregnant again and then when she was 4 months we got guardianship of our niece!!! GOD is so faithful and WILL always blow YOU away with his faithfulness!!! Even though we tried and struggled and had a lot of challenges to overcome for four years the next four years God gave us for children and has blown us away with his faithfulness.



8 Is the number of new beginnings and let me say, we had so many!!!!! Let you heart be filled that GOD Wants to for fill your dreams even more than you want them to be for filled! God’s plan for you is better than the one you have for yourself and if he can do it for me he can do it for you! You are so loved, equipped and more than enough!

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Michelle Hammons 

Beauty Life Coach


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