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At First

I couldn't believe

I got married as a junior in college! God brought the love of my life to me unexpectedly and I found my soulmate! As we started a life together, we chose to say yes to our dream to GIVE ABUNDANTLY by pursuing our passion and purpose. We went to conferences and seminars and then begin applying the Dave Ramsey principles to our finances. We saved money and started investing and over the past 12 years of marriage we have created abundance. We have over 35 rental properties, 2 luxury vacation homes, plus multi million dollar, thriving businesses. We believe that ALL we have overcome together, from the failures, trials, and victories; equipped us as a couple to lead people into abundance. 


Failure is only a steppingstone to your success. Do not give up on your dream, look up make a strategic plan and keep moving forward.




That my husband and I struggled with infertility for four years. I had to overcome depression and doubt, in order to have the revelation that adoption was not a last resort but a first priority and that there were babies with our names imprinted on their hearts. Created for us to be their parents. We gave up on our dream to birth children, and we were excited to start pursuing This incredible God given dream to foster to adopt. Once we were asked to adopt our son, 9 days after he moved in, we found out we were 9 weeks pregnant. Over the next four years we were blessed with four children. We have miraculous adopted two and we have had two and it has been a beautiful, unexpected adventure.


Always remember that lessons learned in unexpected opportunities and challenges will equip you for next season. Your testimony will be a life giving force that will inspire and empower others to continue moving forward and to remain full of hope.

At First

I couldn't believe


At First

I couldn't believe

How hard it was for me to lose weight after my last baby. Baby Kyleigh was actually a twin and her twin passed away. When we received the news that one of the twins had been miscarriesried, it was the hardest moment in my life. I was full of joy for the miracle inside me but also grieving the loss of my other baby. I ended up eating way to much fast food because of all the crazy hormones, pain, and depression I was in and I gained over 60 pounds. Then, when Kyleigh was only 4 months old we became the guardians to our niece. At this point, all I can do with focus on my children, pour into them love, serve, and pray as we shifted in the new roles that we all had as a family of six. When Kyleigh turned one, I got to a point where I was either going to be happy with my new body, or I was going to lose the weight. I chose to pursue my healthiest self by taking 20 minutes a day to create moments of health and healing. I discovered weight watchers, and started doing Pilates, weightlifting and a lot of stretching and after three months, I lost 30 pounds. 


At First

I couldn't believe

How hard it was to learn how to balance my business Beauty Life Coach and being a Stay at home mom. It truly has been the most challenging transition because I have had to learn to set very strategic boundaries, Create innovative plans of action and to continue pursuing my dream even when I was so tired that I couldn’t even keep my eyes open. I believe that I did not give up on my dream to empower and inspire women to know their worth or my dream to be the best, most present mom that I could be so I could inspire YOU to continue building a legacy. It is possible and I can’t wait to show you how I’ve developed a strategic plan to help you fulfill the call of God on your life.

I truly believe that you can be an amazing mom and an incredible businesswoman as you create abundance and increase in your influence.


"I believe that we can take some "MOM" moments throughout every single day to create an atmosphere of hope, health, and abundance. It’s essential that we take time to be filled up so we can continue to pour!"

- Michelle Hammons Beauty Life Coach


TV Show 

I am so honored to be apart of The Connect Show TEXAS. It is a Dream Come True to interview Boss Babes who are making their DREAMS a reality! 

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The Beauty Life Coach Show - Found on all podcast platforms. You will be inspired by the incredible interviews with local and international leaders to say YES to your God given dreams, and to arise and align with your purposes

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