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Hi Beauty! I am Michelle Hammons, a Certified Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, blogger, mom boss, and visionary, I love to empower and inspire everyone I meet to break free from fear or complacency in order to make their dreams and goals a reality.


I am so in LOVE with my hubby and 3 beautiful babies! We adopted our sweet son and then found out 9 days later that we were miraculously pregnant! Click here to be so inspired  NEVER Give up hope!

Beauty Life Coach is all about creating community and an environment where women are equipped and feel inspired, beautiful, accepted, loved, and perfect just as they are! Empowering women in an innovative way through beauty, fashion, healthy living, traveling, parenting, motherhood, events, and lifestyle.


Hi! I'm Michelle, a serious fashionista, mompreneur, Jesus and coffee junkie, and beauty enthusiast. 

10 Things that I LOVE

  1. I love to spend time with my sweet family, seriously I am so overwhelmed and thankful for my handsome, visionary husband and for our precious babies.

  2. I love to empower people to know their worth, purpose, and identity. I didn’t give my life to the Lord until I was 17, and until then, I had no worth, and now it is a part of my mission in life to bring light, love, and Freedom to everyone I meet!

  3. I love to dance, sing, and celebrate any occasion… Often times we make up “special” occasions, just so we can get together with friends and enjoy quality time.

  4. I love to give unique gifts to friends and family, it brings me so much joy as they open them with so much wonder

  5. I love to work out, and live a pretty healthy lifestyle, however I am kind of obsessed with coffee and chocolate, I know both of those things are a little contradictory but I think it’s OK to indulge… Once, twice or three times a day....

  6. I love to connect with everyone I meet… If we are friends, then you know I am passionate about knowing “your” story and what makes you, YOU! So definitely contact me, I would love to get to know you!

  7. I love to dream and journal about everything. Writing brings me so much peace, clarity, and satisfaction! It is truly my guilty pleasure.

  8. I love to be creative, with my clothes, make up, Decour and I also love to draw… My dad is a professional artist and I know I get my passion for art from him!

  9. I love to cook, Pinterest is my best friend when it comes to making meals for my sweet family, it is always so much fun to try new recipes! AND of course.... I have had many Pinterest fails!!

  10. I love to renew my mind, on a daily basis! With podcast, YouTube, motivational videos, and worship music. People always ask me why I am so happy, well, I know what it’s like to not have joy and I choose every day to live with a thankful attitude and remain full of joy!


Love you all, if you would like to know 20 more things about me, ️ I’m definitely sharing a few top secret things in this post! Check it out here!

Feel free to contact me for radio interviews, podcast interviews, TV interviews, guest blog post, collaborations, sponsorships, shout outs, and more. I am looking forward to meeting you and building a relationship.


Disclosure: Beauty Life Coach is part of an affiliate advertising program. If you click and/or make a purchase through certain links on this site  (or any related social media platforms) I may make a commission from that purchase. All opinions are of course, my own. Thank you so much for supporting those who support Beauty Life Coach! YOU are all amazing! I am so thankful for all of you!

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I Cannot Wait To Meet You and Connect!