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How To Plan Your Perfect Holiday Party From Home - Shipt Services

Beauties!! What do you love to do on your weekend? Spend time with your loved ones, go on an adventure or go grocery shopping? Well, I doubt going to the grocery store is on your list, therefore, I’m so excited to share this secret with you!

First off, I can’t believe I’m having a latte in the middle of the day, I would usually be at the grocery store getting dinner for our guest tonight, but @shiptgroceries did the job for me! Party planning is made easy with this amazingly convenient service because they delivered everything I order to my doorstep! I wish I would of discovered #Shipt a LONG time ago because we love to throw holiday parties. I am so excited to be using @shiptgroceries for each event in the future!

Are you planning any epic holiday parties? If so, I would definitely recommend #shipt to save you time during this busy holiday season!! Shipt can truly fit seamlessly into any lifestyle. No matter the occasion, why have a dinner party at a restaurant when you can bring the party home?!

Benefits of the Shipt service include the following:

- Work with a team that inspects every single item - and even learns your pickiest produce preferences - to make sure everything they deliver is just the thing you like

- Scroll the aisles of the grocery store without leaving the comfort of your home (that’s right - you can SCROLL through the grocery aisles on your mobile device)

- Connect directly with your shopper via text and get live updates straight from the aisles Request same-day scheduled deliveries in as soon as one hour - your shopper will even unpack your order into the cabinets or fridge”

Beauties!! Hope you have an amazing Saturday! 💕 .


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