TRAVEL & FAMILY - The Top 3 Reasons To Visit Union Station When You Travel To Denver, CO.

Why would you want to visit the Historic Union Station when you can visit the breath taking views, world renowned restaurants and the unique shops that Denver has to offer?? Well, because Union Station has all 3. From the beautiful decor, to the unique local shops, to the unforgettable dining will not want to miss out on the chance to enjoy and explore Union Station while you in Denver, CO.

After so much research, my husband and I knew we had to go check out Union Station because of all the buzz surrounding this historic landmark.

We were so excited to try it out some of the restaurants, to possibly go shopping and to experience all that union station and had to offer.

When we went to Denver, we felt like it would be best to go straight to Union Station. Since we were there for a wedding and staying in a different city, we did not want to risk not seeing Union Station so I scheduled and planned an entire day in Denver and Union Station was our first stop.

We plan to get there around lunchtime so we could explore and eat, we were also traveling with my five month old, so we need a place for her to rest, for me to get her out of her stroller and feed her as well. We looked at all the unique options for eating with in Union station and the mercantile for the BEST reviews + it was kid friendly during the day!