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TRAVEL & FAMILY - The Top 3 Reasons To Visit Union Station When You Travel To Denver, CO.

Why would you want to visit the Historic Union Station when you can visit the breath taking views, world renowned restaurants and the unique shops that Denver has to offer?? Well, because Union Station has all 3. From the beautiful decor, to the unique local shops, to the unforgettable dining will not want to miss out on the chance to enjoy and explore Union Station while you in Denver, CO.

After so much research, my husband and I knew we had to go check out Union Station because of all the buzz surrounding this historic landmark.

We were so excited to try it out some of the restaurants, to possibly go shopping and to experience all that union station and had to offer.

When we went to Denver, we felt like it would be best to go straight to Union Station. Since we were there for a wedding and staying in a different city, we did not want to risk not seeing Union Station so I scheduled and planned an entire day in Denver and Union Station was our first stop.

We plan to get there around lunchtime so we could explore and eat, we were also traveling with my five month old, so we need a place for her to rest, for me to get her out of her stroller and feed her as well. We looked at all the unique options for eating with in Union station and the mercantile for the BEST reviews + it was kid friendly during the day!

Our First Impression

We parked our car and walked to the coffee shop a block from Union Station so we could get a Pinterest/Instagram where the shot that I have been dreaming of… And my husband was so sweet to be patient with me as I stepped into the street with traffic everywhere to take this picture. We were so excited because we had been planning the trip to Denver for a few months and could not believe that we had made it to our destination.

Then after getting a few shots, and stepping out and traffic… LOL by the way the drivers didn’t even honk they were used to this I guess! (I would not recommend doing this, but we were there at lunchtime so it wasn’t super busy and there were a lot of slow moments with no traffic in that area). We then decided to go check out the historic Union Station!

When we walked in the doors, I was in awe. I Absolutely loved the hustle and bustle that was taking place, people were sitting and lounging, others were walking in a high paced manner going to work or to a meeting, others were laughing and enjoying their coffee, others were already at the bar enjoying their favorite beverage, while others even had their animals with them sitting on the couch resting and reading a book.

It really was like I stepped into an alternate reality. The Union Station's own little city that was running and functioning with ease, in this interesting, yet functional way. We walked in the front doors and to the left where restaurants, and a few stores, and then across Union Station, were a few more shops, a bookstore, the restrooms and finally the Mercantile Dining & Provisions! Before venturing to the other side, my husband took a few pictures of my daughter and I to remember the moment we visited Union Station together, she truly was born a world changer and a world traveler, so it is very exciting to see all the fun pictures we have of her traveling at such a young age!

The Moment Of Truth - Can We Walk Through Union Station With ALLLL our baby gear?

The Answer is YES!! We took our stroller, camera bag, my sweet baby girl, diaper bag, and my purse across Union Station, witnessing all the fun moments, and then we finally made it through the hallway to the Mercantile. As we walked in to the Mercantile, I again was extremely pleased by the decor, the atmosphere, the host, and the people who served us.

From the beautiful chandeliers to the gourmet menu, my husband and I were so excited to try new things! We could not wait to sample food from some of Colorado’s award-winning chefs plus try local ingredients and unique dishes! We asked our waiter what the most popular dish was and he told us that the cheese plate was very popular because “James Beard Award winning Chef Alex Seidel’s restaurant and market serves cheeses from Seidel’s Fruition Farms Creamery, plus house-made charcuterie, pickles, jams, fresh pressed juices and pastries are available for take away in the European style market as well.


We couldn’t wait to try the cheese plate so we got that and the pulled pork sandwich to share. Both of these items are no longer on the menu but when we went these were the most popular items. The interesting thing about the Mercantile Dining & Provisions is that the menu is continually updated and changed with the season. I love that the Chef is so innovative and I am obviously blown away by our experience.

I also got a latte and absolutely loved it!! Traveling with a five-month-old was a beautiful experience, yet it was a lot of work and having a good latte with an extra shot of espresso helped me stay alert and awake to be able to enjoy this wonderful moment!!

Therefore Beauties, if you are traveling to Denver I would highly recommend going to Union Station, this is not a sponsored post, I just really enjoyed our time at Union Station. From the beautiful Decour to the electric atmosphere as you walked in the doors to the curated foods, different restaurants, options for every individual, and the shopping that would take place as well. We spent about four hours in Union Station and felt like we were able to absorb some of the unique, special and one-of-a-kind moments + enjoy a wonderful meal.

Have you ever been or do you have a favorite place to go to in Denver, CO? I cannot wait to hear and hope you have the best day!

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