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FASHION & TRAVEL - How To Pack For A Fall Getaway to Seattle Washington

We absolutely loved going to Seattle to follow the leaves this fall and take these breathtaking pictures.

OUR LOCATION - We were standing outside of Seattle University! We were able to get four different looks shot at this location within 45 minutes.

  • This is a great Instagram of a spot during the fall months.

THE TEMPERATURE - The temperature was between 50 and 65 the entire time we were there. Fortunately one of the days was sunny and had no overcast so we got incredible photos and were able to enjoy the entire day with the sun shining… We really feel like we brought it from taxes LOL but the other two days were overcast and had scattered showers.

HOW TO CHASE THE LEAVES - If you are planning to go take pictures of the changing leaves, FOR Unforgettable moments, then I would recommend going between October 10 - October 30. or According to the foliage map the trees were about to turn brown the first week of November. This is scientific and I think it is very interesting. If you want To go at the optimal time to get the most favorite colors, then I would check out the foliage map!

WHO TO GO WITH - I chose to go with some of my sweet blogger friends. I absolutely love to travel with both of them and they’re always amazing travel partners. However, when I was there I know that my kids would’ve loved to see the changing leaves, go to the waterfalls, hike trails, and go to pikes place and explore the towns. Therefore I think this is a trip for either you and your girls or your family!

+ travel bag essentials for hair care and more coming soon!!

Also, since I went with some of my sweet BLOGGER friends, we all know that we are going to specific locations to get product shots, campaign shots, or unforgettable shots for our readers and our blogs so we come prepared. We packed suitcases and picked out 4 to 6 outfits each for the day. Plus we shared clothes so in all we were able to shoot 10 looks each. I know it sounds extreme but as a BLOGGER it is so important to utilize your time wisely and get the most out of the moment.

Then you can just enjoy the scenery and share coffee or a latte with your friends.

I hope that this encouraged you and I hope that you are inspired to chase the leaves!

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