TRAVEL - Girls Weekend With The Hotel At Avalon, Autograph Collection in Alpharetta GA - 5 Ways To P

Recently I had opportunity to go to the Blog Societies Conference for a much needed girls weekend! We all learned so much in order to advance our careers - cheers to all you boss babes.

I learned so much and I will share more in-depth details on a blog later this month, but today I’m going to be talking about how I prepared for this amazing girls weekend.

We are going to talk about 5 ways to prepare for the best girls weekend + sharing the gorgeous hotel!

Five ways to prepare for an unforgettable girls trip!

1. The Perfect Playlists

Beauties! Get your playlists ready! Having a great soundtrack for your girls weekend as a must, if one person has the Spotify or iHeartRadio app then you can put them in charge to find a list!!

2. Pre-Planned Outfits

Pre-planning your outfits for a girls weekend is a must. Talking about what you will be doing at your girls weekend is so important, so you don’t overpack and you feel prepared for a hike or for a nice dinner, a day at the beach or snorkeling.

+ Get matching shirts, headbands, or robes so you can take super cute pictures that you will look back at and absolutely adore!

3. Snacks

Beauties, snacks are a must for the ultimate girls weekend! This is the time that you can let loose, I have some chocolate, popcorn, your favorite pizza and veg out with your favorite people!

4. Chargers - Phone / Tech

Make sure that you pack a car charger for your Renno and also a regular charger for your room. You will need them for pictures, your Snapchat, directions, and more!

5. Extra

If you will be flying like we did, I would recommend bringing yetis so when you get coffee in the morning or your favorite drink even put in the yeti and it will last way longer, typically when you go to resorts or you go to hotels, the drinks. And coffees are a little bit more expensive, so we always bring our yetis.

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