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TRAVEL - Girls Weekend With The Hotel At Avalon, Autograph Collection in Alpharetta GA - 5 Ways To P

Recently I had opportunity to go to the Blog Societies Conference for a much needed girls weekend! We all learned so much in order to advance our careers - cheers to all you boss babes.

I learned so much and I will share more in-depth details on a blog later this month, but today I’m going to be talking about how I prepared for this amazing girls weekend.

We are going to talk about 5 ways to prepare for the best girls weekend + sharing the gorgeous hotel!

Five ways to prepare for an unforgettable girls trip!

1. The Perfect Playlists

Beauties! Get your playlists ready! Having a great soundtrack for your girls weekend as a must, if one person has the Spotify or iHeartRadio app then you can put them in charge to find a list!!

2. Pre-Planned Outfits

Pre-planning your outfits for a girls weekend is a must. Talking about what you will be doing at your girls weekend is so important, so you don’t overpack and you feel prepared for a hike or for a nice dinner, a day at the beach or snorkeling.

+ Get matching shirts, headbands, or robes so you can take super cute pictures that you will look back at and absolutely adore!