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INSPIRATION - Learn How To Turn Your Passion Into Your Profession - BOOK Launch - Pulling Profits Ou

As a certified life coach, mom of three, entrepreneur, blogger, influencer, and motivational speaker I wear a lot of hats… And that is why am so excited to share this book launch with you!

Do you feel like you wear a lot of hats? Are the hats you are wearing making you any type of income? Or do you feel like you are wasting time not being as productive as you could be?

I am asked almost daily how I turned my passion into my profession and started making substantial income for my family by doing the things that I love. Well first off, I just want to let you know that it is not easy, it is a lot of work but if you’re willing to put in the work, be patient, diligent and pro active in your approach, you can and will make your dream a reality!

I love the book Pulling Profits Out Of A Hat by Active Coaches Brad and Monte because they identify 5 Disciplines to master to ensure that any business can get more profits and achieve sustained business success. It is an easy to read and practical guide that offers insight on finding hidden potential of any business enterprise.

Pulling Profits Out Of A Hat is the foundation of the company Adding Zeros which trains business coaches in the 5 disciplines!

One of the quotes in the book that I absolutely love is that "Exceptional companies see limits as opportunities".

Is this how you see the challenges in your life or business?

Brad and Monte challenged us to think differently and to ask hard questions that well enable ch