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TRAVEL - Fun City Tour - Featuring The Boardwalk At Towne Lake in Cypress Tx

Beauties! This week, I’m so excited to share a few “Must Visit” spots in Cypress Tx! If you love to travel and are looking for the perfect, outdoor space + a one stop spot for the entire family then I would definitely recommend going to the Boardwalk at Towne Lake in Cypress, Tx! We absolutely love this spot because there is a place for the kids to play, it is surrounded by a gorgeous lake view, amazing restaurants, ice cream & coffee shops, and boutiques! You could spend the entire day shopping, eating, relaxing, and enjoying the gorgeous lake views!! It would be perfect for any spring day outing!!

💕 Thank you @Marthaturnersir for sponsoring this super fun city tour!!! #mtsir #sponsored

From Services, to shopping, to wellness, to dining, The Boardwalk at Towne Lake has it all! Click here to go directly to the directory to find out all of the dining options to make reservations for a fun girls night out or date night!!

I also love that they use the green space for so many different activities!

!. Throughout the month of April, they are having so many different types of events, perfect for the entire family or for a date night out!

2. They are having live music every Friday and Saturday if you’re looking for a fun, and unique activity to do as the weather warms up.

3. They are also having storytime on the green for kids of all ages.

4. Plus Happy hour on the green for a fun girls night or date night.

5. You can watch the Boardwalk boat show + more events happening later in the month!!

I hope you enjoyed learning more about The Boardwalk at Towne Lake and stay tuned for the next 3 spots I will be highlighting!! Love you ALL!!!

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