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PREGNANCY UPDATE - Find Out If I am officially dilated, how I overcame SO Much FEAR + Exciting NEWS

Beauties! So many of you have shared your kind thoughts, prayers, and love with us throughout our pregnancy journey, and we are SOOO thankful! From adopting our son, to miraculously getting pregnant with our daughter McKenna, to now being pregnant with our third, we appreciate you and we are so grateful for this amazing community!

FEAR I have to overcome

With my last pregnancy, we had a very Traumatic Labor! First off, I never dilated so my induction date was a week past my due date. Then we went in at 5:00am to be induced and they broke my water and it HURT a lot, then I got an epidural but it did not work, and the doctors and nurses kept coming in to check and realized that McKenna was sunny side up, they came in every hour trying to physically turn her, calling me a women with an iron cervics lol after 24 hours of hard labor and being a moment away from a c-section, Mckenna was ready to come, she came out not breathing and did not BREATHE for three minutes! The specialist flooded the room, and in the midst of the chaos...WE prayed.... It was the scariest moment of our lives but thank God she started breathing and she has exceeding all of our expectations! Jeremiah 33:3 & Jeremiah 29:11

Did you have an easy pregnancy or labor? I would love to hear about yours as well!!

I have had to overcome the FEAR that this might happen again… ALSO, the pain of being pregnant with twins and losing one of our sweet babies earlier in this pregnancy, to overcoming the reality of DEEP depression.... This pregnancy has been a journey of self awareness, and trusting God’s perfect plan! I have grown with so much compassion towards women who have had miscarriages, and women who are struggling with infertility. I want you to know that I am praying for you and I love you and would love to connect with you and anyway!

Therefore, now that you have learned about some of the things that we have overcome, On my BLOG tomorrow I will be sharing five ways to overcome depression! Stay tuned!!

ARE WE Dilated??

Also, you have been sooo patient! I’m so excited to announce that we are officially dilated! I’m only dilated 1 cm but the doctor said that her daughter has dropped lower and that she is getting ready!

I will keep you updated as much as I can, thank you so much for your sweet thoughts and support!

WE Are So Excited To Share

Also some very exciting news that will be taking place starting this Monday! I will be starting a FUN YOUTUBE/blog SERIES!!!

Here are a few of the videos I’ll be sharing!!!

  1. What’s in my hospital bag

  2. We will be sharing our labor and delivery with you

  3. A nursery tour of Kyleighs gorgeous room

  4. A toddler tour of Mckennas new sweet room 💕💕

  5. Life with a New Born + 2 kids

  6. My Postpartum Recovery

  7. My Postpartum weight loss journey

  8. Our favorite New Born baby products

  9. Newborn must haves - you really don’t need

  10. The First 48 hours after giving birth

I will be doing more videos but I just wanted to give you a quick sneak peek of these 10 I will be releasing within the next month! Can’t wait to connect with you I hope that these encourage you and give you information that is a vital for pregnancy and being a new mommy!

Love you all!!!

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