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FOOD - One Of The Best Girls Night Out/Dinner Spots In Houston - Emmaline Restaurant

We didn’t even know how cute this place was until we decided to have a group photo shoot there, the owner was so kind and let us use his balcony for the shoot. We absolutely loved it and felt like it was the perfect spot for a girls night out, family dinner night, bachelorette party, a wedding rehearsal dinner party or just the perfect spot for any celebration.

After the shoot, we were so ready to try some of the “Favorited” items on the menu. We tried two different types of pizza and the girls tried a few of their best drinks. We were not only were obsessed with the balcony and the views, but we absolutely loved the pizza!

It was such a beautiful atmosphere and we were able to connect, relax, and laugh all night. The girls sipped on some of their favorite drinks and we ate amazing food. These sweet blogging mammas needed a few hours to be refreshed and Emmaline was the perfect place to make that happen.

Also, since being pregnant, I have been craving carbs...... (which I normally do not allow myself to eat a lot of) but I could not help myself at this restaurant! I absolutely loved the pizza, the bread, and the ambiance.

If you are in town for a concert, a wedding, or just a fun night on the town, I would definitely recommend checking out this restaurant for dinner or for cocktails. Even though I don’t drink, the girls said their house favorites were so tasty and amazing.

Here are some links to check out their menu options, drink options and a way for you to make a reservation! Hope you enjoy, can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

Here is a little background on Emmaline

Some of their amazing food options

“Emmaline is…an American restaurant with a nod to European influences, blending homegrown heritage and European classics into something that is both familiar and fresh. Emmaline is the epitome of a neighborhood kitchen, serving as a social and cultural thread for our guests where genuine hospitality drives an ambiance of infectious energy.

Emmaline is…built around our heirloom oak, an origin for lush garden patios where a sense of time is shaded by ease and comfort. The Bar, as the center of it all, is rooted in lively gatherings over wine, cocktails and shareable plates from our seasonally-fresh open Market Kitchen. A Sun Room and light-filled Dining Room provide a laid-back yet elegant and spirited refuge.

Emmaline is…food we love, inspired by thoughtful simplicity and life’s great memories around the table.

Emmaline is…a family name, celebrating a spirit of character, providing the space and time for people to enjoy life, cultivate relationships and build upon legacy.

Emmaline is…an approachable neighborhood restaurant that feels alive, yet comforting and genuine to those for which it was envisioned.

Emmaline is…quite simply an extension of our home, a graceful place for friends and family.

Emmaline is…great food and great people."

Hope you enjoy, can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

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