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TRAVEL - Weekend Vacation Tips - 5 Amazing Things to do in Gruene Tx.

I cannot wait to share this with you, if you have been looking for a fun, unique, historical yet family-friendly spot to vacation for the weekend, then I definitely would recommend Gruene Tx. Gruene is known for it’s small-town Texas charm, historical landmarks, and amazing food. However, that’s not all, it is located on the Guadalupe River where are you can tube and kayak to create unforgettable memories.

We love to go to Green as a family event also have a gone just as a couple. today I put together a list of 5 of our favorite spots to stop and enjoy in Gruene. I felt that you would love this and definitely use it as you plan your next trip to Gruene Tx.

Here are 5 Amazing Things to do in Gruene Tx

The Gristmill restaurant is one of our favorite spots in green, we plan our entire trip around eating at this restaurant! It is so stunning On the inside and out. It has a stunning tiered patio along the Guadalupe River and It is known for mouthwatering chicken fried steak and unforgettable burgers. When you walk up to the restaurant, you see Gruene Hall, the gorgeous Gruene gardens, and you are welcomed with live music and a beautiful atmosphere.

Insider Tip: Call to make a reservation because there will always be a crowd.

Swimming and Tubing

Gruene Is the perfect place to take your family during the summer! Our main tech our sweet kiddos swimming at the hotel pool but we did not go tubing this time just because our kids are a little young and I am pregnant but we love going to tubing here in Gruene because it’s on the Guadalupe River where visitors can cool down on sizzling hot days. Also, you can rent your tubes and equipment at Rockin’ R to experience the fun of tubing or kayaking down the Guadalupe River.

If you are a coffee connoisseur and you love to try it local, unique coffee shops than this place is for you! We actually go out of our way every time we go to Gruene to stop at this spot! Here you can find freshly brewed coffee from Kenya, Guatemala, Brazil and Ethiopia plus they have refreshing smoothies and snacks. It has a great space outside for your friends and family to gather and a really fun, modern vibe on the inside! You’re going to love it!

We really like the store! it is truly fun for everyone. It is family-friendly spot with toys are unique and special. If you’re looking for a perfect gift for your niece, newsfeed, cousin, kiddos or crazy uncle joe .... then definitely check out the spot.

We think the spot is so cute, personally I do not drink but so many of our friends and family do and I felt like this was such a cute special spot that I had to recommend it. A view looking for a place that has the live music, samples of a local limes, a perfect outdoor atmosphere and live music, then you definitely need a check this place out! I loved the outdoor space! Whenever I travel, I love to search out the unique coffee shops that you can only find in that specific town, BUT if you love to find really special wineries, then you should definitely check out this spot.

I hope you all enjoyed and let me know what you love to do in Gruene, TX.

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