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Spring Into Action! 5 ways to Create, Establish, and Grow Lifelong Friendships!

If you have been longing for friends that understand you, support you, and empower you to be all you were created to be, then this post is just for you. I have worked with so many women who struggle to sustain relationships due to past experience, unhealthy beliefs, and walls that have been built up over time. However, Beauties, I am here to help you, because I know how essential it is to surround ourselves with women who support, love, empower and pray on our behalf.

Here are five key components to building lasting relationships. 1. Humble yourself and pray for wisdom when choosing friends. As I’ve grown in relationships with sweet life long friends, I have had to grow in wisdom as well... Thank God! With a growing family, a great vision and clarity about life.......I realized that not everyone has the same ideaIs and goals for the future. Thus, I have learned to be very selective with my inner circle. (I have had to learn that some friendships are for seasons, and some are met for a lifetime) As you grow, your friends should be growing with you. ♦️Not pushing you down, doubting you, questioning you or making you feel guilty because you’re a vision has grown.

2. Stop calling everyone your friend. Friendship is grown and trust is earned. I used to be very loose with the term friend/best friend and unfortunately with those words, an expectation is placed on them, and with out proper growth, people are hurt and new relationships are broken. Creating pain, miss trust and hopelessness for future relationships.