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How To Let Go Of Past Regrets - 5 Tips

I know that when we come into the new year we have all of these goals to make our dreams and goals a reality, however, have you let with your past regrets, shame or guilt hold you back!!!!! I HAVE BEEN THERE and I had to share to Empowering you to move forward. It is essential that we learn how to let go of the past regret, forgive ourselves and others for the hurt and pain caused and THEN FINALLY MOVE PAST the past. This post is devoted and dedicated to you, it’s for you to be realigned with the truth and forever have to tools to be set free from hindering mindsets!

“The past will only define us, if we dwell on it and allow it to encroach on our present situation.” - Michelle Hammons

Throughout my life I have had to go through a lot of healing processes to forgive the people in my past that brought me pain, to forgive myself for the distructive decisions that I made and then finally to allow myself to move forward.

Here are five ways that I was able to overcome my past regrets in order to move forward to make my dreams a reality.

  1. Clearly define the past decisions or past regrets that continually re-surface and remind you of your mistakes.

  2. Write down these things, if you are ashamed of your past decisions, remember you do not have to show this to anyone, it’s just for you to get these thoughts out of your head so you have clarity that they do not define you any longer.

  3. As you write these things down on the next few pages right out the truth, that you are not bound to the past that you have been set free, that God loves you and created you for divine purpose and that your mistakes do not define you, but they build character, integrity diligence, and persistence towards your dreams, goals, and desires.

  4. Write out all the good in your life, from children, to a job, to anything that brings you joy and makes you happy or full of life! As you do that your mind will shift and your focus will be realigned and you will literally feel empowered and inspired and full of hope.

  5. Start speaking these truths over yourself your family and your future, it is statistically proven that whatever we speak over ourselves, we believe it 80% more than what other speak over us. Therefore, be so aware and conscious of your thoughts and of your words because in this process of healing and realigning yourself with the truth, YOU ARE overcome PAST regrets and it is essential that you only speak truth over yourself and others!

Love you all and hope you are having an amazing week, and hope that these strategic tips and tools enable you to gain clarity and creativity during your healing process! You are amazing!

"God knows the plan he has for us plan to prosper us and not to harm his plans to give us hope and a future." Jeremiah 29 :11

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