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Turning 30 + G.L.A.M. Girls Night Out Is GOING ON TOUR!

The Best IS HERE!!!

I’m so excited to turn 30!! My 20s were filled with so many ups and downs, trials, triumphs and lessons, love and laughter, and so many life altering things occurred. I discovered my worth, purpose, and identity, I got married, I’m graduated college, started my career as a speech therapist, became a certified life coach, joined the worship team, became a spokesperson for an anti bullying organization, started speaking at conferences, hosting conferences, planning conferences, workshops and events, started my blog, started acting and modeling, started my Beauty life coach business, adopted our sweet son, Had sweet Baby McKenna, moved six times, developed new relationships, reestablish relationships and moved on from relationships, grew so much in my relationship with the Lord, traveled the world and did mission work with my sweet family and friends, started G.L.A.M. Girls Night Out and worked on saying YES to the passion and purposes in my heart!!! Faced fears and took massive action and I AM SOOOOO HONORED To announce that 30 is going to be the best year ever!! I wanted to emcourage you that YOUR dreams will become a reality if you just continue moving forward, building your integrity, character, patience and perseverance to develop the skills needed to sustain your dreams. For over five years this has been on my heart to put on conferences that empower women to know their, worth, purpose and identity, and a powering them to break free from complacency in order make your dreams a reality!

Timeline In October 2017 I felt released to start planning these events, and December 1, 2017 I had our launch party at Carrie Ann Boutique in Market Street and it was a huge success, thank you for everyone who came out!!! NOW I have a huge announcement to share that starting in May 2018, we will be going on a 7 CITY tour working exclusively with Noah’s Event Venue, Duo’s and EM Events taking G.L.A.M. Girls Night Out all over Texas!!! From May 2018 - May 2019 we will be touring in Texas, however after that we will be taking G.L.A.M. Girls Night Out all over the country to empower women everywhere to realign themselves with the truth, reestablish their worth purpose that identity and connect with the community of women that will propel them forward! We are destined to make lasting, positive change in our communities, and the only way we will do that is if we connect together and move forward!!! Join the movement, run the race you were called to RUN and don’t look around at your circumstances, instead look at the ONE who gave you life, purpose, and passion!!!

Dreams do come true and when they do, God will always exceed your expectations! I’m so honored and humbled to have the opportunity to bring truth, hope, peace, life, and love to cities all over the country!!!!

Thank you all for your love, kindness, prayers and support through this journey! I know that my 30s will be even better and more productive for my family and for the kingdom of God then my 20s!!! God is the ultimate light and it is our mission to bring light and life everywhere we Go!!!! Let us SHINE so bright that people everywhere are drawn to our father!!!!

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