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Waxing The City - Katy Tx - Brazilian WAX Review!

My whole experience Waxing The City has been wonderful! From the first email I got for this collaboration to experience I had at the store in Katy, TX. I felt so welcomed and I couldn't wait to share my review with YOU! This post was delayed just a little bit due to the very anticipated backstory of Waxing The City, Katy Tx, owner - Caitlynn Tonnu. She so brave and courageous and I absolutely love her story and I knew that you would be inspired as well!

Katy Tx, Waxing The City Owner - Caitlynn Tonnu "Since pharmacy is the only profession I knew, I thought it would make perfect sense to open a compounding pharmacy. With years of working as a pharmacist, I felt it would have been easier for me to open a pharmacy rather than something else. Deep within me, I wanted to do something different, something challenging and outside my comfort zone. So, I asked God for guidance to find a career would be fulfilling. Waxing came to mind because as a consumer I have been committed to the process and lifestyle it requires, and really believe in it. After doing further research I came across the Waxing the City franchise along with other franchisers. Again, I prayed God for guidance in selecting the right company that would be right for me. Just right before I gave up the phone rang after speaking with Robin Schoh, one of the company’s founders. When our talk ended, I immediately knew that I wanted to open a Waxing the City Studio. As a matter of fact, I signed on the dotted line two days after the call! Waxing the City shares many of my personal beliefs: passion, commitment and the pursuit to be the very best. It hasn’t been easy but I feel bless to be part of Waxing the City. Everyday, I get to help people look good and feel good, share our knowledge and skills, and build a friendship with our clients."

First Impressions

When I walked into the store, I was so impressed with the aesthetics, décor and all of the different products that they provide and offer. Immediately, I was greeted by Caitlynn and she was so kind, welcoming and thoughtful. From the moment I stepped in the door, I felt at ease, which was a HUGE deal, because on the way to my appointment, I was so nervous!

Change In Perspective

Now girls, I decided to get the Brazilian wax, and it had been years since I had gotten this service because the last time was horrific. However after having an amazing interview with the founders of waxing the city, they assured me that at each location strives to provide excellence, while providing the best service and care for their customers. Therefore, I decided to give this a try, and I was pleasantly surprised.

My Experience

I walked into the very nicely styled room, with personalized electronic stations for each customer. Missy instructed me to get prepared and to lay on the table.......and at this point.....I felt like I was the most vulnerable I had ever been......I literally started laughing at the situation and then she walked in and made me feel so much more comfortable. She talked with me throughout the entire session and was very personable and professional. She was so funny, and kind and made me feel less embarrassed and more comfortable with the process. ALSO if you are wondering if I screamed in pain....the answer is but she told me that each time it should get less and less painful!!


I would absolutely recommend Waxing The City to everyone. If you’re looking for an excellent place to go to get waxed, you should definitely check out this excellent store. The experience I had was wonderful and I know that you will enjoy your experience as well. The customer service is TOP notch and the products are perfect and innovative. I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to collaborate with Waxing The City.

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