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Michelle is a passionate about inspiring women, leadership teams, and the NEXT Generation to say YES to their GOD given dreams! She is a sought after Motivational Speaker, Certified Life Coach, TV Host for The Connect Network TV Texas, Author, Podcaster, Momprenuer, business consultant and mentor. Trusted by over 10,000+ clients, she has activated and inspired church leaders, entrepreneurs, teachers, CEO's, mamas, and coaches how to organize, align, and take massive action to accelerate their organizations as they implement strategic strategies to make a positive impact on their communities. 


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  • Learn how to feel better and happier 

  • Multi-tasking - is it a good idea?

  • Gratitude - tips and hacks on how to help you stay thankful 

  • Take time to be kind 

  • A realistic view in life

  • How to create a closer friend circle 

  • How to get to know yourself 

  • Secrets of productivity

  • 10 coaching trackers / quizzes / cheat sheets 

  • Planning cheat sheet 

  • Emotions wheel

  • Tips for getting results 

  • Mindful wellness 

  • Get motivated cheat sheet

  • 20 Affirmations

  • Spring clean your mind 

Learn How To GLOW -
Grow exponentially. Live fearlessly. Overcome courageously. Win in life. 


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"Ahh Michelle is the COACH everyone needs! She passionately inspires and challenges you to break FREE from fear, face challenges, strategically plan, prepare, and visualize your present and future. My Life has changed for the better and I am so thankful!"


"Michelle has helped me discover my true worth as a mom, entrepreneur, and friend. She helped me align my vision and find peace, joy, and purpose again in the most challenging time of my life.


She is a God send."



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Or Hire Michelle to Inspire and Strategically Activate Your Employees, Leaders, or Church Staff.

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10 checklist that will inspire change - make your dreams a reality! The perfect time is now! 


Be inspired Checklist 

Journal Checklist

Get fit Checklist 

Motivate Checklist

Mental & Physical Checklist

Productivity Checklist

Digital, Mental, and Physical Checklist

2 Goal Setting Checklist 

Gratitude Checklist 

10 journal entries 

10 dream big entries 


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