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TRAVEL & FOOD - Create the ultimate girls day brunch + Helipad tour with Bloom & Bee - Houston TX

Whether you’re in the mood for a one of a kind of adventure Or the ultimate girls day brunch, the Post Oak has got you covered!!

Bloom & Bee – With extravagant floral patterns and pastel shades, Bloom & Bee’s décor is a breath of fresh air, much like its cuisine. For lunch and dinner, choose from a light yet varied menu that includes handmade pasta, salads, and roasted chicken. Breakfast choices include tartines, waffles, and pancakes.

We are so blessed to be treated by the Vintage Contessa, and the bloom & bee As we celebrated life, new beginnings and break their moments together. We were able to taste and try their new menu and it did not disappoint we were all obsessed with the details and the exquisite dining that we all experienced.

Plus we know only got to share stories, testimonies and empowering moments with each other but then we got to go on the ultimate adventure. Post Oak gave us the opportunity to have a tour of their helipad.

As in we went up the exclusive elevator to reach the top of Post Oak, We felt so excited to create one of a kind footage for our communities and share that it is so important to dream big, believe and take a massive action.

Everyone who was invited to this incredible influencer event has been in the blogging/influencing world for years. Don’t give up when things become challenging and don’t be discouraged if you’re not invited to the next event, there will always be more events all you have to do is stay in your lane, have a fixed focus and have fun!

What you offer, no one else can offer because you are unique, special and there is a place for your voice in the influencer world.

Cheers to break their moments and connecting with a community that supports and uplift you to follow your dreams!!

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