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Are you ready to kick off a new season? How do you celebrate every moment? How do you appreciate the small wins? AND as a mom how do you schedule time to have deep rejuvenating convos and laugh sessions that last all night??? Lol If you don’t schedule those this is your sign to start scheduling LAUGH sessions, prayer nights and rejuvenating conversations with the people you love!!!

3 ways to embrace the NEW SEASON!

1, Schedule time to celebrate! If you don’t Stop, and remember all you have accomplished, your family has accomplished, your kids have overcome, then the Moments will pass you bye and you’ll forget to be thankful and to celebrate!!

2, Fearlessly, write goals and share your dreams and visions with your loved ones. The things that you want to accomplish and the goals that you have set so they can hold you accountable and pray with you

3. Laugh a lot and enjoy the moment! Even when situations become stressful and you were tempted to be overwhelmed, find the humor in the moment and choose to be filled with joy!!!

I know that planning all three of these out can be challenging, but you owe it to yourself to celebrate, embrace every moment, enjoy your sweet family and live courageously full of hope and peace!!!

Mamas, Momprenuers, Entrepreneurs, and boss babes, REMEMBER that you are rocking life, just remember that you are more than enough, full of supernatural energy and you will overcome any challenges that you face!!

Also, this was our kickstart the summer, celebrating all the winds at the beach! Thank you @sarahfaith7 and josh for hosting an incredible getaway All of unforgettable moments, prayer night, worship night, incredibly meaningful conversations and so much more!




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