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Discover Your Worth Podcast - Interview With Pastor Chris Klimis

  1. Please tell us about yourself, your family, your passion, and your purpose!

2. What motivates you or inspires you every day to get up AND say yes to your dream?


Thanksgiving for all that God has done for me personally how far he has brought me through His truth and grace is one of my key motivating factors. I feel personally responsible to share of the goodness and kindness of God each and every day and the fuel for this comes from His kindness to me.

3. What Journey did you take to get to the place where you are at today? What struggles did you face and what victories kept you going?

Many struggles. The main struggle that I would say was a determining factor in the revelation of the joy dimension of God was the death of my father. Through one of the most difficult times in my life God met me in the midst of my depression and sadness with His joy.

4. What advice would you give to young entrepreneurs or people who are struggling to say yes to the dream on their heart?

Obedience to Gods Word and voice releases the ability to accomplish that dream. Listen and obey. Ability and grace will be activated!

5. How did you break free from fear or complacency and want to make your dreams and goals a reality?

Little decisions.

Small victories everyday get you to the bigger picture WIN. Getting the momentum going is the hardest part but subsides after that first few days or times of doing something new. Expect that and push through. Visualize your dreams and keep them before you in your vision and speech,

6. Why is it important that they say YES and start moving forward?

Time. We are not promised anything and time is the most precious commodity that we have naturally speaking. We must seize that window of opportunity and I really believe there is a “shelf life” for grace to do things. Jump on getting started no matter how insignificant it may feel or seem.

7. What is your daily mantra, self talk, quote or scripture that you recite?

Who has been forgiven much loves much. This is a daily reminder of how much I have personally been forgiven of and a real daily reminder to love as many people as I can with the same love that God loved me first with.

8. Who is your greatest inspiration and what did you learn from them?

My Father for sure. My dad inspired my commitment to the Lord and also the love and generosity towards people. Radical Generosity was lived out practically through his life as an example that still speaks volumes to me.

9. How do you stay motivated and what is your favorite book?

The Bible for sure. Number one best seller of all time. Never been another constant source of current living truth for me to daily receive and abide in.

10. How did you discover your worth?

Ultimately the love and mercy of God. His kindness to me and unpacking what the written Word of God says about who I am have not only revealed my actual worth but help to keep a “true north” for me in all things involving identity.

11. How can you teach our wonderful audience how to discover their worth.

One prayer. Holy Spirit I ask you to show me and teach me what God the Father thinks of me! I understand many may not even believe or understand that phrase. But that is the beautiful of knowing that something is totally true. I don’t have to prove it to them. God is so big He is able to meet any reader right where they are and reveal Jesus to them and how much He loves them that He was willing to prove His love by dying for them. He has proven His love wow.

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