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INSPIRATION - Miracles Of Yaupon Cove

Have you ever been a part of the miracle or do you even believe in miracles? Well, at the beginning of our inspirational story series we are going to talk about the miracles of Yaupon Cove! My dad was recently in a tornado and he took the initiative to go to his neighbors and ask them about the miraculous moments that kept them alive! The intricate, beautiful and unexplainable events that happened to saved them. I cannot wait to share my father’s accounts of these miracles with you I know that you were going to be inspired, empowered and stirred to discover the miracles all around you!!

Love you all and I cannot wait to hear your thoughts! Also, if you have experienced anything that is inspiring and you feel would encourage someone, please email me and I would love to feature it on my blog! We are building a community that inspires and empowers each other in good and challenging times! Can’t wait to hear your stories, miracles, and thoughts!

Here are the 12 MIRACLES

Miracle Stories Yaupon Cove

Before and After Tornado

1. Trailer house roles and thrown into home with two people in the home…home collapse and both crawled out through back door unscratched.

2. Lady arrives home in her truck as storm hit… a tree falls down in and seconds later one in back… glass is blown out of truck…. She just had a scratch on her arm.

3. Lady in her home is headed to the bathroom for shelter and God tells her no… and holds her on the couch. After the storm was over, she got up and the bathroom was gone.

4. An 80-foot-tall pine 32” in diameter is up rooted between the garage and house not 15 feet apart and missed both.

5. 87-year-old women was setting her chair in her living room watching tv when the storm hit…Just minutes later 3 walls… roof… and most of her possessions were gone…and her still setting in her chair unhurt!

6. Large pine 30” or more in diameter fell into a house where a father was huddled over his family… the pine stopped as it touched his back with no one injured.

7. Man had 30 trees in his and from the park fall down… one did some damage to his garage…and one did very minor damage to his house. Every window in the home were blown out the roof and top story gone… all seven members of the were in the house and on one was hurt!

8. Man felt he had to go down stair to move his truck just before the storm hit… as he got out of truck as the storm hit… he stepped into the down stairs bathroom as the top half disappeared.

9. A lady survives under a kitchen table… two broken ribs and no house… roof or walls. Neighbors dug her out and put her on a pontoon boat… and to hospital!

10. A big beautiful home with a small trailer were setting side by side… the people in the trailer ran in as the storm hit and tied a mattress around them… minutes later the storm passed… no damage to trailer… whole front of house ripped off… no injuries.

11. Lady driving home from work when storm hit… utility pole falls down draping her car with live electrical wires… she waited over two hours and her children found her unhurt.

12. A contractor wanted 24,000 dollars to clean up trees and debrie around her three properties… church cleanup crew showed up just minutes later and did it for free!

People coming to together for a common cause… good people helping people they have never seen before and may never again… compassion… caring… giving… heart and love… expecting nothing in return!

- Ron Brown

20 minutes after the storm

All of the photos were taken by my father Ron Brown

Head to my instagram to watch the live video where we even give more detail. BEAUTYLIFECOACH

Hope you have an amazing day!!! Miracle are real and sooo is God and his faithfulness! Praying you are inspired and empowered by these amazing stories!!

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