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FAMILY & DIY - How To Plant An Herb Garden with Botanical Bombshell & Landscapers Pride


What spring traditions do you have with your family? My kids and I have been wanting to plant vegetables, flowers, and even an herb garden. We didn't know where to start and then we learned about Botanical Bombshell. An innovative product that is only 6-9 pounds curated and created to inform and inspire people with their 3 mixes to begin planting their dream herb and veggie garden. After discovering this local, organic product, that is safe for plants, pets and my family, we were ready to finally started our new tradition with Landscapers Pride!


If you are wanting to plant an inside herb garden, then here are 3 easy steps to get you ready for the easiest DIY, kid friendly Spring activity! I know you’re going to run out and get Landscapers Pride Botanical Bombshell soil and start creating your dream herb garden!

  1. Buy Botanical Bombshell potting soil. This specific product comes in 6 to 9 pound bags that were formulated for indoor gardening, plus they have an enriched veggie and herb mix that is safe for your plants, pets, and family.

  2. Buy your pots. I love to mixed metal and wood so that is the type of planter that I was looking for. I found mine at Walmart. However, you can also buy them online or at other retail stores.

  3. Finally, it is time for you to buy your herbs or you can buy the plants that are already matured like we did! My kiddos were excited to create something new and they were ready to start using the herbs in our food. We have already been cooking with them every single night and we use the sweet mint in our tea every day!

Therefore, I made a HOW TO video on my Instagram that you can check out here because we were super excited to begin planting our herb garden with Landscapers Pride! It was so much fun and Mckenna was obsessed! We’re so excited that Botanical Bombshell has three mixes including Veggie & Herb Mix, Rose Mix, and Potting Mix and we absolutely loved the Veggie and Herb mix! It was so easy to use, CHECK out the video to see how much fun we had, I want to challenge you to start a new tradition today!

Thank you Landscapers Pride for all your hard work launching this product, for your passion and excellence in your product! I love everything @landscapers_pride stands for and I’m so excited to share it with all of you! .

This post was sponsored by Landscapers Pride!!

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