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TRAVEL & LIFE COACHING - The Rex Hotel Saigon in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Have you ever wanted to go to Vietnam? Do you love to travel the world and experience new things? Well, my husband and I absolutely love to travel the world, learn about new cultures, experience new things, and connect with people everywhere!

While we were in Singapore, we met new friends and they told us that we should definitely go visit Vietnam if we have time. We decided last minute that we wanted to go to the Cu Chi Tunnels, because my husband absolutely loves history and both of our grandpas were in the Vietnam war, so we booked our tickets and couldn’t wait to go on this adventure!

LIFE COACHING TIP - Plan ahead, prepare, and write down your vision BUT be aware of the moments in life that will shift and change everything for the better. For instance, my husband and I purposely PLANNED to not plan 5 days of our trip because we wanted to be spontaneous.... we have 4 children so we do not have very much room in our busy schedules to be spontaneous.....therefore we SCHEDULED IT IN and it made our trip unforgettable!! We were able to relax and make plans in the moment. THIS type of planning it necessary is so important to plan time to rest, relax, be spontaneous and creative!!!

What you need if you are traveling to Vietnam from America -



Vietnam Currency

One Suitcase per person

If you are from America, you will need your passport and a visa to enter into Vietnam. We did not know this until we got to the Singapore airport and we had to scramble and pay extra to expedite our visa. It was a very stressful moment but we received it and we were finally ready to go!

Where We Stayed

We absolutely loved staying at the Rex hotel, from the moment we walked in, the staff made us feel so special. We loved the intricate details and history. Our room was ornately decorated with antique furniture and updated modern amenities.

The restaurant and the world renowned garden bar were breathtaking. We ate at the garden bar twice because we were in love with the views and the weather was perfect all the days that we stayed.

Accomidations at The Rex Hotel - Descriptions were found on the Rex Hotel Website

"Hoa Mai Restaurant

The Hoa Mai restaurant is the perfect setting for an unforgettable dining experience. Here you’ll savor the finest Vietnamese cuisine and other Asian delectable while experiencing traditional folk music and dance shows. Following the decoration of the royal in the past, yellow is used as a main color of the restaurant. The pictures of the traditional Vietnamese girls from 3 regions of the country are on the walls. In Hoa Mai Restaurant, there is a small stage which is for the traditional folk music; our guests can order this special entertainment in advance to enjoy Vietnamese art. Stepping into Hoa Mai Restaurant, you can experience almost the charming aspect of Vietnamese tradition while having the featured meal of Vietnamese.

Rooftop Garden Bar

Acknowledged as “One of the Best Bars Of South East Asia” voted by the Newsweek Magazine in 1996, one of “1000 places to see before you die” listed by Patricia Schultz – the American Travel Writer.

Overlooking the very heart of the city, the Rooftop Garden is the place that the memories still remain, of which it recalls the world to its past famous calling “Five O’clock Follies”, where international correspondents covered the Vietnam war, U.S officers and GIs had their drinking niche during the 60s.

Here you will be welcomed by warm & friendly staff and enjoy meals & snack or savor your favorite cocktail at sunset. There is a variety of high quality drinks to suit everyone’s taste.

Here are pictures taken from the Rex Hotel Website to show you a more detailed look at each stunning space.

The Cu Chi Tunnel Private Tour

We booked our Cu Chi tunnel tour through the Rex Hotel and we ended up doing an individual tour, where the the hotel hired a driver and a tour guide that took my husband and I around the city, and into the tunnels, explaining the history behind different landmarks. It truly was unbelievable. Then we stopped at a museum and art gallery. I would recommend this Tour if you are headed to Ho Chi Minh City, but we were very sad after learning about the history and pain so many people went through.

PLUS 3 other great tours to book while staying in Ho Cu Minh City, Vietnam

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