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Blogging Tips 101- Redefining Your Brand + Content Strategy + How to Pitch yourself to make profit!

Beauties!!! Are you ready to take your blog, your business and your influence to the next level! If so, I can’t wait to share some of the best advice I learned from the Blog Societies Conference, and share why you should go this year!

I have been to the Blog Societies Conference twice and every time I go, I come home with a renewed mindset, and strategic tools to take my business to the next level. I have booked campaigns, and made more money since going to this conference than I ever thought possible. I realize that my worth as an influencer/BLOGGER and I developed a teaching strategies for my business.

Here are some of the sessions that were offered last year that shifted people mindsets and businesses.

The Blog Societies Conference cultivates creativity and establishes an atmosphere for influencers to learn, grow, connect, and develop lifelong friendships. I absolutely love going to this conference because I get to see all my friends from all over the country. We are all flying in for this 3 day weekend to grow, learn and support each other!

Where We Stayed

Barnsley Resort in North Georgia - A HISTORIC SOUTHERN ESTATE

"Barnsley Resort is the ultimate retreat to unplug and enjoy all the pleasures and pursuits we have to offer. With more than 3,000 acres in North Georgia, we appeal to the traveler who craves a connection to an outdoor lifestyle, is inspired by nature and intrigued by history. From golf to horseback riding, from shooting to hiking, we have something for everyone. Throw in cozy accommodations, a range of delicious dining choices, a spa, shops and more, and you'll understand why Barnsley's authentic, active, genuine lifestyle draws people here over and over again."

We loved our stay, the property is stunning and very accommodating. Perfect for a weekend get away with your girls or a wonderful week for the entire family. All I could think while being there was that all my sweet kids would LOVE it!! We definitely want to go back!


When you fly in on a Friday night, you will go to the influencer meet and greet/welcome party where you Will check in and get your influence her badge which will have your schedule + sessions on them. Plus, you will have the opportunity to connect with all the other amazing ladies plus very sought after brands to develop lasting relationship, and potential partnerships.

This is such a fun night, you will connect with so many amazing bloggers from all over the country! The most beautiful thing about going to the Blog Societies Conference is that you will meet people who share your passion, and truly understand your desire and mission.


Even though Friday night will be a late night, you will be super excited to begin Saturday because as I have shared, the lessons you will learn and the mindset shifts that will take place will truly elevate your business! Saturday will Start with an amazing, sponsored breakfast, and then you will go to your sessions, typically you will take four different sessions ranging from an hour and a half to two hours each. And the sessions, take notes, they will most likely bring paper and pens for you to ensure you get the most out of every moment!

Then, after your sessions, he will probably be done around four, you will have about a two hour break and then you will get to go to a cocktail hour With your new, close friends plus you will get to go to another sponsor dinner. When I say these dinners are sponsored, and I mean that the sponsors go all out to serve the bloggers and to share their gratitude for what the Blogger’s are doing for their business. It’s so much fun and you always feel so loved, last year our sponsor dinner was by Yankee candles and they provided a gourmet 5 - course mealAnd then there was a Smore’s bar, and it was so beautiful!

After we had Smore’s, we talked and hung out and laughed a lot, went back to our cabins and connected with our roommates, dreamed about what we were going to accomplish the next year and then fell asleep.


Then on Sunday morning, we wake up to a really nice breakfast and coffee bar, then go into the meeting to hear the keynote speakers, and all their wisdom before we head to the airport to fly back home.

One of my favorite parts of the conference, is that at the end of the conference the photographer who has been to Taking pictures throughout the weekend will be sharing them with everyone in attendance. Plus, all of the workshops that are taking place and the sessions that are going on, will be sent to your email about two weeks after the conference. Therefore, you will have a tangible, priceless information that is literally coming to you!!!

Thank you to Mazda 3 for letting us use this amazing car to travel throughout Georgia, we loved all the space!

I can’t wait to go back this year, I’m actually going to be working with the Blog Societies to share their mission and Share why you should come and connect with so many amazing bloggers! I love you all and I can’t wait to hear your thoughts! Have you ever been to a blogging or influencer conference before?

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