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EMPOWERMENT - Podcast Interview with Dana Tyson and Sunny 99.1

Have you ever been in a moment, where you felt like you were in a dream? Or you felt like you were living someone else’s life and that you couldn’t believe what was happening!

Well, I had that moment when I was being interviewed by Dana Tyson and Sunny 99.1. After walking in to the studio, meeting her and the wonderful staff and feeling so blessed for the opportunity to share my heart on her podcast, I was overwhelmed with thankfulness.

We started the interview and I had the opportunity to share my testimony, to empower women and men to follow their dreams, know their worth, purpose, and identity and break free from fear, to be vulnerable and transparent and to trust in Jesus! To not let their past mistakes or pain dictate their future but instead empower them to use that pain to propel them into their God Give purpose. Setting other FREE from the same pain that once held them captive.