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FAMILY - How To Plan Family Adventures

Making Memories with these cuties is my favorite! It’s always so much fun to try new things and Seriously they were obsessed with both of these shows Trolls LIVE! and Nick Jr. LIVE! We danced, and laughed A Lot and my mom was able to come to both of the shows with all of us and she absolutely loved making memories with her grandbabies as well. What are some things that you do you better out of the box? How do you enjoy spending time with your children? Do you like trying new things or do you like making DIY craft at home or just snuggling and watching a movie? Whatever it is, make sure that you choose to be present, put your phone down, enjoy that precious moment because you will never get it back. Time is such a gift and it is the only priceless gift that we never get back so I just want to inspire and encourage you to take time today to look at your sweet babies, thank God for their health, thank God for their life, and celebrate their sweet, precious uniqueness!

One of our goals for 2020 was to schedule new adventures for our family to take together.

How we SCHEDULE together time/adventure time

  1. We sat down as a family and talked about the thing that we love to do

  2. We dreamed together and let each of our children share what they love, their favorite TV show, their favorite food, their favorite type of weather, if they like the mountains or the beach, what makes them feel happy and what they want to do and accomplish in 2020.

  3. - Yes, I do you talk to my two-year-old about all of these things, you might think that’s a little young, but since I am a certified life coach I know that everyone, no matter the age is driven by goals and is motivated by inspiration, so I would encourage you to ask your little ones specific questions as well, they will love to talk to you about these things. Also, it’s so cute to hear their perspective!

  4. Make a list of fun things to do locally.

  5. Take time to research with your children fun activities in the area, we researched free activities and also some that might cost a little bit of money, we are not wanting to spend thousands of dollars but as a family we can definitely find inexpensive ways to celebrate our children and have family adventures locally if we take time and research it out.

Those are just a few tips on how to get your children to talk to you about things they love and adventures they want to take. Every child is an adventurer and absolutely loves to dream. It’s important that we take time to dream with them and encourage them to grow their imagination and give them the opportunity to experience new things.

Going to Trolls LIVE! and Nick Jr. LIVE! with my children was a wonderful experience. They both did not know what to expect because it was my daughter’s first time to go to a live musical, and even though my son has been to a few before, he was still very excited. They both were in awe of the atmosphere as we walked into the theater, the lights, the sound, the energy in the room, and the real life characters that they had only seen on TV.

If you have not been able to go to a musical with your children, I think that you would really enjoy both of these. I’m going to put the link to buy tickets and to show you where the tour is going next. We recently went here in Houston but they are traveling all over the country and I know you would not be disappointed with your experience, just by watching your children jump for joy, dance, smile, and laugh, will be worth the trip and planning time it took to get your crew to the theater!!!


I really do know that it can be a struggle to get your little ones dressed, fed, in a good mood and out the door plus drive to a theater that....... but once you plan strategically to pack SNACKS, get to the theater and you’re sitting in your seats, the stress of planning this moment will go away and it will bless you so much because your kids will be overwhelmed and their hearts will be so opened and excited and they will talk about these moments for weeks!


What are some new things that you want to try this year, for yourself and for your family? Can’t wait to hear about the new adventures you want to take! Hope you’re having an amazing day and let me know what you think of the show!

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