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Beauties!! I hope you’re having a wonderful day! Today I will be talking about how important it is to say YES to the dream that is in your heart. Are You READY?

Recently we had the opportunity to go on a media trip to Seattle. I went with some of my really close friends, Dawn and Nicole… You should definitely go follow their blogs they are amazing, I will link them below.

WHY should we SAY YES?

We had the opportunity to explore the famous Pikes Place market, Full of organic, local foods, fresh flowers, live music and the original Starbucks. Have you ever been to the original Starbucks? Or the original blue bell factory? Or To the Eiffel Tower or cathedrals in Rome?

Obviously, all of these are different, but they are all the same in a few ways. SOMEONE said yes to begin a new venture and to start a new project!!! What passion or longing is in your heart? What business are you wanting to start? And why have you not begun?

What would happen if we say NO to our dreams?

What if the original creators of Starbucks coffee would have NEVER said yes to begin their new business? How would our world look today? There are Starbucks at every corner… People turn to Starbucks to give them energy and bring them comfort!!! Starbucks has become a staple in people’s lives!!

This company has created a lasting empire that has shifted at culture and it’s all because they said YES to their dream!!! I truly believe that it is essential for us to say yes to the dreams and desires that are on our hearts.

Also Beauties, be encouraged because going the original Starbucks made me remember that everything starts small. It was not very big but they were executing their service with unbelievable technique, perfecting their craft and creating a product that people from all over the world want to enjoy.

Therefore, what can we learn??

  1. Say yes to your dream

  2. People need what you have

  3. Work to perfect your craft

  4. Always keep others in mind

  5. Know WHY you want to begin

  6. Do not grow weary or afraid when looking at a small beginning

  7. Have courage and hope

  8. Step out and start taking chances

  9. Write your vision and make it plain

  10. Your dream with shift and change your community for the better!!!

Here are a few things that I have not said yes to, but have been burning in my heart and mind for years.

  1. Write and publish my book

  2. Create an empowering YouTube

  3. Develop courses and workshops

  4. Start my podcast

MY BAD excuse for not saying YES

I WAITED for a very long time for the timing to be right, for the moment to be perfect for me to have a little bit more time to work… But time doesn’t wait for anyone… And I know that my passion, experience, and revelation will truly inspire and empower others, therefore it is essential for me to say YES, to stop making excuses, and step out of my comfort zone. What are you waiting for?

TOGETHER - Let’s step out of our comfort zone’s, say YES to our dreams and start taking action to see them become a reality.

Here are the links to my sweet friends blogs! You will love them!! Dawn P Parnell and Lipstick & Brunch

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