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DAY 2 - How To Remain Thankful In The Unknown - From Pain To Promise PART 1

The Beginning Of Our Blended Family!!

I have not started to share about our blended family as much as I would like... BUT it is time!! Be ready to go on an emotional journey with me as I share the magical moments and the intense challenging ones as well. From Fear to Unending hope, our story is such a beautiful example of God's faithfulness and how there is ALWAYS blessings and breakthrough on the other side of obedience.

From Pain To Promise

Since going from a family of two to a family of six in four years, we have had a lot going on......this rapid growth has come with extreme love and extreme challenge but with any great love story...there is always sacrifice, unending pursuit, unknown moments of hardship, and ALWAYS a victorious ending. Our story of infertility, then adoption, miraculous pregnancies, miscarriage, and then gaurdianship of our 16 year old niece comes with a heavy baggage, and deep wounds that need healing..... but as a parent...we are equipped in our humility and complete dependence on God's guidance through the word, our inner circle of friends, books, podcast and youtube videos.....we learn how to love well and serve well.

I have MADE so many mistakes but I always tell my babies that I will make mistake and disappoint them sometimes daily, BUT we will never give up, abandon our call to be their parents, and we will do our best to love well, serve well, and give them every opportunity to know their worth, purpose, and identity!!

Tomorrow I will be sharing the beginning phase of our journey with you and the start of this miraculous love story!!

Love you all so much and please let me know what you are wanting to hear about and I am going to be linking all the Foster To Adopt links and also my favorite non profits that I love to support as they give back to the foster to adopt community.

Love you all and hope you have the best day ever! Love you guys!!

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