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DAY 1 - GIVE BACK / BE THANKFUL INITIATIVE - Why I Am Thankful For Unexpected Challenges.


DAY 1 - What adventure are you thankful for?

Beauties! Today kickstarts the Giveback/ Be thankful initiative that I am starting!!!! Who doesn’t love to talk about what they are thankful for? If you find yourself going a day without talking about the things you’re thankful for… Then I know I can help you, empower you, and inspire you to reprogram your mind so that you can remain full of peace, joy, and hope for all the future holds.

Life is not always easy, it’s messy sometimes and very challenging but if we renew our mind and keep our thoughts on things that are good and lovely and wonderful and all that we are thankful for.....then we can remain full of joy, peace, hope, and thankfulness. Therefore, enabling US to be light and love to everyone we meet. Reminding them that there is so much good and that even in a very hard, difficult or horrible MOMENTS that good can arise from that situation.

Life is a GREAT Adventure - even in the challenging moments

Therefore, today I’m going to be talking about great adventures and how I am so thankful that life is a journey and not a destination and it is a beautiful adventure. I’m so thankful for the people that I get to go on this adventure with AND how we’ve been super blessed to go on a lot of TRAVEL adventures, but also how our family has begun a new adventure AS WELL.

Why I am starting the GIVE BACK / BE THANKFUL Initiative

As you know, in April I had my third SWEET child and it was such an adventure, Also, I will be sharing our birth story soon…and then two months after my daughter was born we became the guardians of our 16-year-old niece. Therefore expanding our family from 5 to 6 very rapidly. This was such a grand adventure. It’s still is, but in the midst of this we also had our business travel plans, are growing businesses, our real estate properties, our church activities, our family activities, the ups and downs of life and so much more but I was able to remain 90% of the time full of peace. Even when fear would arise in my soul and I couldn’t breathe. Have any of you been there?

I will be talking about this as well later this month but today I’m going to be talking about how important it is and how thankful I am to take a few days to regroup, and re-calibrate. We had the opportunity to do a media trip with the Hotel Boulderado and I was able to go with my husband and our youngest daughter to spend very special quality time with both of them. We also went to Colorado to celebrate some of our really close friends and their marriage, and Hotel Boulderado made us feel so special.


From the moment that we walked into the Hotel Boulderado we felt overwhelmed by its beauty and charm. From the thoughtfully placed decor to the friendly staff, to the beautiful, historic mementos that surrounded us, we absolutely loved our experience. Not only is Hotel Boulderado the top rated historic hotel in Boulder, it also offers its guest a modern twist on the elegant Victorian-inspired rooms full of charming décor, plush furnishings, and modern amenities.

The entire hotel is also equipped with large windows to offer sweeping views of Downtown Boulder, the Rocky Mountain foothills, and the Boulder Flatirons. My husband and I are literally obsessed with nature and being outside, therefore having the opportunity to look out the Hotel Boulderado windows and see the beautiful landscape, it made our experience that much sweeter.

We were even taken on a private tour of the hotel where we had the opportunity to learn about the history, the mission and vision of the Hotel Boulderado and the compelling story of Innovation. It was truly fascinating! I absolutely love to learn about people who overcome and persevere when they face challenges and the owners perseverance and vision was inspiring and unforgettable. The historic hotels success empowered me to NEVER give up on my dreams + Learning about all the details and the steps that the owners have taken over the years to preserve the original integrity of the hotel has been inspiring as well. The Hotel Boulderado’s famous stain glass ceiling has blown me away and I cannot wait to visit this beautiful historic hotel again!

Plus we absolutely loved eating at the restaurant Spruce Farm & Fish.

Here are some of the meals we ordered. We all love to taste and try new things so we ordered the Avocado and the Prime Rib Hash. The Avocado is made with poached eggs, avocado, tomato, hollandaise with a side of potatoes and I loved it because it was unique and I am obsessed with Avocados. Then my husband ordered the Prime Rib Hash. If you are a meat lover, then this breakfast is for you. It come with two eggs any style, shredded house smoked CAB prime rib, onions, red pepper, potatoes, horseradish cream, and your choice of toast. This is a big breakfast so it was easy to share. We loved our experience at the Spruce Farm & Fish and we really enjoy the unique menu. If you are staying in Boulder, then I would definitely recommend making plans to go for brunch, lunch, or dinner to try the unique, incredible menu.

Throughout the holiday months they have so many traditions and celebrations that have been planned to bring the community together! From holiday teas, live music every Friday, thanksgiving and Christmas brunch and CARNEVALE DI BOULDERADO | NEW YEAR’S EVE PARTY!! We are wanting to go back just for this amazing event!!! Check out Hotel Boulderado for all the details!!

If you are wanting to stay at the incredibly charming, unforgettable Hotel Boulderado, then click on this link and check out all the reservations they have available, their beautifully charming rooms and the opportunities you will have to connect with the community, eat at their restaurant, or go to their Famously hidden bar. I am so thankful for adventure in life that make us appreciate the moment and I am so honored that we had the opportunity to work with such an amazing and historic hotel.

I know that life can be an adventure, and it can be very challenging when you we are going through unexpected Situations, but I know that you are prepared, equipped and in the perfect position to follow through, and not give up when things become a little challenging.

Just like the historic Hotel Boulderado, if we do not give up on our passion, and our purpose then we will see the benefits daily, we will be able to bless our families and leave a legacy that impacts our community.

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