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TRAVEL & LIFE COACHING - How To Find The Perfect FALL Destination For Family Pictures and Blogge

Beauties!!!! Cheers to an amazing week!!!! Chilly weather, big sweaters, hot coffee and All the fall feels! What are you doing this week? What do you have planned?

WELL This moment took our breath away! I have always wanted to go to Seattle in the fall and we made it HAPPEN!! We loved traveling through Seattle “chasing the leave” and stopping on the side of the road the take FALL picture and to capture this beauty for you guys!!

Have you ever been to Seattle? Well, if you are wanting to go explore different states when the leave are turning the perfect share of yellow, orange, and red for blog pictures or family pictures, then you can follow the FALL FOLIAGE MAP. This map will show you the United States and you can change the month and day to see when the leaves will be changing!

It is so much fun and such a great tool for when traveling in the fall months!

Also if you have something in your heart to do, then you have to do it! Don’t delay the process any longer!!

One of my favorite scripture talks about faith and that Faith without action is dead which Helps me realize that we can have faith that our dreams will become a reality....BUT if we do not put action, planning, preparation, and work behind the faith, we will see no results! If you have a dream, start planning, preparing, and taking action today to make that a reality! Love you all and hope you’re inspired!

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