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LIFE COACHING - The Do's and Don'ts of Friendship - Learn how to be an amazing friend!

Beauties! Hope you had an amazing Saturday and got to spend time with your loved ones! I have had friendship tips on my heart for a while now and just wanted to share encouragement on HOW to be a good friend!! .


I am first going to give you tips on things to do and then I’m going to share things you should NEVER do. Please let me know your thoughts and if you agree or if you have any other tips! .

DO :


DO - Be the friend that you have always wanted, give and serve well and live unselfishly and humbly.

- Be kind, thoughtful, and loving.

- Set healthy boundaries for yourself

- Schedule time to go on friend adventures, dinners, or any quality time events.

- Be honest, forgiving, and vulnerable, And transparent! Breakthrough, blessing, and connection that through transparency.

- Be wise with your choices and friendships, not everyone should be called your friend, some people are only supposed to be acquaintances.

- try new things, go on adventures and get out of your comfort zones!



DO NOT - gossip!!! It will ruin any relationship and cause mistrust And a good relationship is built on trust that is built overtime.

DO NOT - Make every situation about yourself, put others first and treat others the way you want to be treated.

DO NOT - Hold bitterness or wrong doings over your friends, and do not live in jealousy or covet what your friends have, celebrate in their success!


I hope that you are encouraged and I hope that these helped to give you insight and revelation about how to be kind and courageous even when you get your feelings hurt. You are capable of amazing things! Love you all!

Also, I absolutely loved going on this adventure with my sweet friends and amazing blogger babes @dawnpdarnell and @lipstickandbrunch this waterfall was amazing!!!

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