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FASHION & ENCOURAGEMENT - 4 Ways To Set Goals, then Crush Them!

Beauties!!! This week is going to be amazing!!! Ahh just thinking about this moments makes me so excited for this NEW season!!! Change is coming and GREAT Things are coming your way!!!

What have you planned and what goals have you set?? I’m FINALLY sharing HOW I plan my monthly & weekly goals!! Can’t wait to inspire you!!

4 Ways To Set Goals, Then Crush THEM!! You got this babe!!

1. It is time to stop making excuses and start planning and preparing

2. Schedule an hour to focus and decluttering your mind

3. Write down your personal weekly goals

Write down your professional weekly goals

4. Write down how to take action today to start making these goals a reality.

Here are a few of my weekly goals

Personal goals - clean the dishes ever night - I know this might be easy for some of you but now that we have a house full of 6 it is my greatest Nemesis

Professional Goals - post an inspirational video daily, be consistent with posting on all my Instagram post, Facebook post & website - being a mom of 3 + our niece lives with us... I am ALWAYS being interrupted!!

Busy mammas, we got this!!! Another quick tip advice would be to be very specific with your personal goals and your professional goals. Journal about your progress and hold yourself accountable by telling a close friend.

Hope you have the best day!!

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