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BLOGGING & FASHION : 10 Items To Pack For A Blogging Conference - Blog Society Conference

Beauties!!! I was so excited to be sharing some of my favorite items that I always pack when going to a blogging event! I’m going to be talking about the outfits that I pack, and some of the essential items that I bring to ensure that I get the most out of each moment.

Typically, when you decide to go to a blogging event/conference you are investing in yourself. I truly believe that in order to grow it is so important to invest in yourself, educate yourself and stay up-to-date with the latest trends.

OK, let’s talk about this! This is a question that so many of you have been asking me and I’m so excited to be giving you some details and outfit options for your next blogging event.

I am specifically going to be talking about the Blog Society Conference, we just got back and I will be giving a detailed blog specifically on things that we learned, but right now I’m going to be talking about the items that I packed.

At every blogging event there is always a pre-party event / meet and greet, one or two days of a conference/classes, planned dinner and lunch with brands and meetings with brands.

Typically you will have a few hours of free time after the conference to go have dinner with your new friends so make sure to plan for that as well!!

To avoid over packing, lay out your outfits before you put them in your suitcase.

A must - Make sure that you pack your business cards and your marketing kit because you will have one on one time with them to pitch . It is so important to make a great first impression and having these items is a great way to help them remember your name, face, blog, and passion.

  1. Your favorite nude heels + tennis shoes

  2. Your favorite high waisted jeans

  3. A fun crop top

  4. A cocktail inspired dress + casual dress

  5. Your favorite button up

  6. Your favorite flats + sandals

  7. Only bring the pieces of jewelry that You will be wearing with each outfit.

  8. Your favorite curling iron, straightener, hair products and facemask - for fun pictures with your roomies + Your favorite pajamas

  9. Portable phone charger + your computer +

  10. Your favorite baseball cap, and fedora

On the way to the Blog Society Conference, I wore some of the clothes that I was going to wear at the conference. I brought high waisted, dark wash jegging’s, this super cute off the shoulder ruffle crop top, and is super comfy strap he sandals. Plus I wear my fedora because I did not want it to get messed up in my bag.

I also love these amazing bloggers, and I just wanted to point out their outfits, they’re wearing fun, flirty dresses that show their personality. They are also wearing shoes that are pretty comfortable because he will be walking around meeting with brands and making new friends. I absolutely love how they show their personalities with their dresses, it’s so much fun to see everyone style!

At the first night/the meet and greet and brand party, I wore this super cute, comfortable romper and nude heels! Also, when you are going to a blogging event, it is your opportunity to wear bright colors, bold patterns and embrace your inner fashionista because everyone around you will be showing off their own personality and style as well. It is so much fun to get out of your comfort zone and wear fun, bold pieces.

I actually did not pack these shoes or the shirt, they were gifts at the meet and greet party on Friday night. My shirt is so cute and so comfortable and so are my shoes!

I absolutely loved connecting with Mark Fisher and Grayson at the events.

For the next day, we were in classes and courses the entire day so I wore those super comfy/cute dress and there is snakeskin flats to be comfortable yet super cute for pictures. I loved this look because it was unique, and I paired it with this one-of-a-kind necklace. I was super bold with my jewelry choice because I couldn’t wait to show off this designer. Another great thing to do while at a blogging conference is to wear your unique pieces.

I was so excited to share this picture as well because after we took our courses, we had the opportunity to learn floral arranging and it was so much fun. It was kind of hilarious because none of us knew what we were doing but the Blog Societies Conference gave us the opportunity to work with some of the best florist in the area.

All of these amazing girls are one of a kind bloggers, and I wanted to point out their outfits! During the conference we all usually are pretty comfortable and cute because you will be sitting throughout the day. Therefore, I hope you can look at this picture and noticed that all of our styles are a little bit different, some people feel more comfortable in pants, jeans, a Jean skirt, floral dresses or maxi dresses, all of these options are perfect for the conference day.

I packed this specific dress from Glam Fox Boutique for the sponsored dinner on Saturday night because it is so fun and bright and flirty and I absolutely love the layers. You can wear of the shoulder or you can wear it one shoulder like I am, but ultimately it is a super flattering dress for all body types! I paired it with these new deals that are super versatile and also this summer bag!

Also, I packed there’s a graphic tee and patterned snakeskin pants, both of these items can be dressed up or dressed down but I paid them together with a denim shirt for a very casual look for the last day of the conference. We were headed back to the airport and I thought this would be the most comfortable airport look. These pants literally feel like pajamas and they are super cute and comfy I also got them at GLAM FOX boutique.

Love you all and have a wonderful day. Hope this helps you and encourages

you to continue your education and grow!

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