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TRAVEL GUIDE - The 4 Top Places To Explore While Staying In Golden Colorado


The Hidden Gems Of Golden Colorado

Beauties, We absolutely loved spending time in Golden, Colorado and we loved exploring the town. It was the perfect mix of outdoor adventure and family fun activities. I am going to share our experience and give you our 4 top places to explore while staying in Golden Colorado.

Not only will you get absolutely stunning views, but you will walk into a boutique adobe style hotel full of charm, beautiful decor, and rooms that are oversized and perfect for a girls weekend or a family vacation. The atmosphere is very family-friendly and it inspired us to explore the gorgeous mountains and walk through the city with curiosity and excitement.

The staff completely exceeded my expectations, they were kind, helpful and went out of their way to provide the best service.

We also ate at the Table Mountain Grill & Cantina and we were blown away both times. The food is so delicious and made to order.

At our first brunch were overwhelmed by the options, so we ordered some of out waitresses favorites and they did not disappoint! My husband order the Huevos Rancheros that is made with Corn Tortillas, Hash Browns, Ranch Style Pinto Beans, Local Chorizo, Ranchero Sauce, Two Eggs Any Style, Guacamole, Lime Crema , Queso Fresco and absolutely loved it! He said that it was unique and unforgettable.

I usually try to not eat a lot of bread, especially because I am still on my weightloss journey, but I was excited to order the Navajo Fry Bread Breakfast, it is made with Navajo Fry Bread, Local Chorizo, Ranch Style Pinto Beans, Red Chile Sauce, Avocado, Queso Fresco, Roasted Poblano Peppers, Two Eggs Any Style, Pico De Gallo, Lime Crema. I loved the taste and texture and even though I didnt eat all of the bread, it was so good and I would definately order it again.

Obviously I would talk about this, because I am obsessed with cute, unique, local coffee shops that bring charm and personality into my life. As we were walking on the street everyone we passed had their Windy Saddle Cafe coffee in hand. I asked a few people where we had to go in order to get the best local coffee and they all said the Wendy’s at all was the place. We stopped by the shop and we’re not disappointed. I got a blueberry scone and a vanilla, lavender cappuccino and it was amazing. This shop is super cozy and cute with a bookshelf on one side, people were in there doing Bible studies, having meetings, and enjoying the mountain views.

I also love that they have an indoor seating area that is super cute and also an outdoor seating area. Since we went in the middle of September, the weather was absolutely perfect and would of LOVED to sit outside!!

What to do : Go Hiking and Rafting

  • Go to Lookout Mountain / North Table Mountain / South Table Mountain

While we are staying at table Mountain Inn, I heard so many families talk about going to Lookout Mountain and then talking about hiking North table Mountain and sell table mountain. We went to Lookout Mountain but we did not hike the others because we were traveling with our 5 month old daughter.

Here us a little more interesting information on Lookout Mountain + I have added a map so you can see how close everything together.

Lookout Mountain is a foothill on the eastern flank of the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains of North America. The 7,377-foot peak is located in Lookout Mountain Park, 1.7 miles west-southwest of downtown Golden in Jefferson County, Colorado

As my husband and I were strolling down Golden Colorado streets, when we went over a bridge and were overwhelmed by the beautiful river underneath us. Unexpectedly, we took a path to the river and 15 men came out of the freezing water with their tube’s and we’re so excited about the float they had just experienced. It was hilarious because they were all freezing but they were all so excited about what they had just accomplished.

My husband, five-month-old daughter and I quickly decided that was not something we wanted to experience, but instead we walked on the rocks close to the river, took in the scenery and enjoyed the relaxing atmosphere. We met a few locals who came down to the river to unwind after a busy day and a few were even having a romantic moment with your loved one as they watched the sunset. It seemed like the perfect spot to relax.

According to “Clear Creek is one of the best tubing areas close to Denver. On a hot, sunny day, it can’t be beat. Clear Creek Whitewater Park offers exciting ripples, waves and drops. It’s free to tube, as long as you have a tube.

The park is located at the west end of 10th street in downtown Golden. Just follow the creek and the crowds and look for parking as close to the park as you can find. From there, you just hike up the sidewalk as far as you want to go."

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