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FASHION & FAMILY - Back To School Shoe Shopping At Famous Footwear

Going back to school after a long, wonderful summer is always bittersweet.

One of the ways that we celebrate the end of summer and the beginning of a new school year is by going shoe shopping with all of my kids. We started this tradition after adopting our son and realizing that a new pair of shoes mean more to him than I could’ve ever imagined!

Why We Love To Go Back To School Shopping

When he moved in, his favorite things that we bought him were his new socks and shoes because he had never received anything new, before that moment. Therefore, every time we go back to school shoe shopping, it makes me a little emotional as I thank God for blessing us with our son and showing him another way of life.

Our Back To School Famous Footwear Experience

Therefore, as we went back to school shopping at famous footwear, we all celebrated the amazing adventures we had throughout the summer. Then we talked about all the great expectations we had for the school year.

We had such a wonderful time and my kids had so much fun checking out all the new styles and brands and they shared what made them feel “famous”. While we were there, we were so full of joy and hope at all the new possibilities.

Thank you so much Famous Footwear for offering us the opportunity to share our story and to share and my kids new favorite shoes. This was such a wonderful day and we are so excited for what is to come! Do you guys have any back-to-school traditions? I cannot wait to hear them and I hope that you have a wonderful day!

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