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FASHION & INSPIRATION - Houston Life TV - 5 Postpartum Styles That Will Make You Look & Feel

I was so honored to go on to Houston Life TV again to share 5 postpartum looks that will equip any woman to feel beautiful about herself at any size!

This segment was one of my favorites because I got to spend the day with such amazing women and friends. Thank you to all my gorgeous models for being apart! You all shined and rocked the stage and thank you Houston Life TV crew for always making us feel so loved and welcomed!

To learn more about the looks and to watch the segment click here! I hope you are inspired and encouraged!

While we were at the studio, and while we were driving and just enjoying our day, getting our hair done by the amazing blo dry bar in the Woodlands, My heart began to stir thinking about everything that I had to push through in order to have the opportunity to share, the many times that I wanted to give up and not continue, the mistakes I have made! At That moment I was so encouraged and reassured that everything we go through is not for ourselves but it is to equip the community around you to not live in fear! As people watch your life, it’s well either discourage them or empower them to follow their dreams!!

God has given us all a pre-destined To love, to serve it, to give, to share and I want to challenge you to share your story, and as you do you will inspire people around you to move forward, to not live in complacency, to work hard and to Do everything they can do to make their goals and dreams a reality!

I hope you are inspired by my story that consistency, persistence, love, revelation, an amazing community and mentorship has helped me accomplish Some of my goals… But I know that this is just the beginning! I love you all so much and I hope you enjoy these fashion looks! CHeck GLAM FOX boutique and blo dry bar in the Woodlands for your beauty needs, you will absolutely love getting pampered and feeling beautiful!

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