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BEAUTY - My First Wax After Having A Baby - All Your Questions Answered + $100 Giveaway

Beauties!!! I have been so spoiled and pampered the last few weeks with two Dermalinfusion facials and a Brazilian Wax by the amazing Bare Necessitates Spa! After having my sweet baby girl, our lives have become so much sweeter and let’s be honest...soo much busier! We love every moment of sweet snuggles, movie nights, no sleep and crazy car rides with the littles, but I have realized how essential it is for mammas to take a few minutes, hours or even a day to themselves to be rejuvenated and refreshed in order to give their best to their family!!

I was so thankful that Bare Necessities has given me the opportunity twice and shared their spa with me!! I truly have been blown away by not only the aesthetic’s and the atmosphere, but by the staff and the owner! They are all so kind and friendly and I know that you would absolutely love to take a few hours and relax at this spa!

Do any of you a regularly scheduled wax or facial? Well, before going to Bare Necessities, I had never had a facial and I had a very bad experience with a wax a few years ago so I have not gotten one until now, AND it was quick and such better experience than I remember!!!

I am so excited to share my experience and hopefully give you clarity and answer a few questions you might have about waxing after having a baby!

Today I will be sharing a really fun question and answer with the spa owner Christina, she is so passionate about providing the best quality service to Houstonian’s and women everywhere. I have loved getting to know her and I think you will find our conversation insightful and entertaining!

What type of waxing services does Bare Necessities provide?

We provide a range of near-painless waxing services from eyebrow contouring to full leg hair removal and everything in-between. The most popular service with our ladies and gents is the Brazilian wax.

What should a person do to prepare for their wax?

Whether you’re getting ready for your first wax ever or you’re a veteran, exfoliation is your best friend! We recommend dry brushing or using an exfoliating cream at least 2-3 times prior to ensure all of your hairs come out smooth. If you’re sensitive avoid caffeine or alcohol before your appointment so none of those stimulants trigger your pain sensors any more than they have to. We also recommend taking a Tylenol 30 minutes beforehand to ease any discomfort.

What is the typical age that comes to get a wax or facial?

So many beautiful faces walk through our doors! I’d have to say we mostly see men and women in their 20’s and up into their 60’s come in for a service. Don't be shy if it's your first time coming in, our team loves sharing their knowledge any chance they get.

Also, I heard that you've been voted the best waxing spa in Houston, that is a huge accomplishment, what do you all do to make waxing a wonderful experience for each client??

Yes! We are so grateful to our local community and our friends at Houston Press, Modern Luxury, MindBody, Houston Hearts, and Yelp for being so generous by awarding us with various awards, including Houston’s Best Waxing Spa. We know there are so many places to choose from and we pride ourselves in providing our guests with the best experience possible. From the time you walk in the door to the time you leave, we want to ensure your waxing and skincare needs are met. We use both types of wax, hard and soft, plus smaller strips for minimal pain.

What facials do you offer?

We offer a variety of facials suitable for all skin types with products from Eminence Organics and Rhonda Allison. Each one includes a custom skin analysis and consultation with one of our talented estheticians so your skincare goals are met at every visit.

Which one is the most popular and why?

Our Dermalinfusion Facial is hands down our most requested facial service. We refer to it as the “Mercedes of facials” in-house. Every treatment is completely customizable by combining a thorough skin analysis with serums made to ensure the best results specifically for your skin. The Dermalinfusion tool simultaneously extracts, exfoliates, and infuses nourishing ingredients into your skin. It also comes with a mask, facial massage, and leaves you with a beautiful glow. It’s the perfect introduction to facials if you’re not sure where to start.

When should a person start getting facials?

I started getting facials when I was a teenager but it’s never too late to start! We have 50 year olds come in for the first time and are hooked instantly. Facials are one of the best ways to keep our skin looking healthy and younger, longer.

What products do you sell that people LOVE?

Eminence’s Facial Recovery Oil flies off of our shelves! It naturally moisturizes while combating the early signs of aging and a little goes a long way. Rhonda Allison’s Citrus Gel Cleanser has also been super popular this season and leaves you squeaky clean even for the most sensitive skin-types.

What is your favorite part about owning a spa?

I get to work with some of Houston’s most talented estheticians and create a space where employees are valued, respected and revered, in a positive environment!

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