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INSPIRATION - 7 Steps To Start A Successful Blog - Blogging Guide


I have had so many people asked me how to start a blog, how to be an influencer, gain a following, build a community, and sustainable income! I felt compelled to write a blog post and share 7 tips that I have you used to grow my amazing, dedicated, and sweet audience!

7 Steps To Start A Successful Blog

1.The first thing I want you to know is that it is a lot of work! It’s a lot of time, dedication and perseverance and endurance to build a sustainable income and to make your dream a reality. It cannot be done overnight it takes years to build your following and the trust of your audience, so if you feel that you are ready to not give up when things take longer than expected.... then get ready to start.

2. You have to know your “why” Why are you wanting to start a blog, a YouTube, twitter, Instagram or facebook? Is it to have the title of being an influencer? The truth is that we all already have influence and everything that we do. You do not have to have a social media presence to be an influencer. For instance, my “why” is that I feel called and passionate about empowering women to know their worth, purpose, and identity and I use my platform to do that and innovative ways through beauty, fashion, family, travel, and lifestyle post. Therefore, since I know my WHY, I am able to keep going and have endurance even when I don’t see significant increase in my following or I don’t get the campaign that I had dreamed of, because I know that I am called to empower women everywhere to know their worth purpose and identity!!

3. Get out of your comfort zone. Write to other bloggers in your area and let them know that you are wanting to build relationships. Go to events and make yourself approachable. Everything is about relationship, so having the revelation that relationships and friendships take time and effort, this will help you continue to grow as a social influencer.

4. Find the right platform for you. If you love to make videos then YouTube might be the place to start, if you love to write then blogging would be the right place to start, if you love to take really great pictures then maybe Instagram would be at the right place. Start with one and then build on that.

5. Do not compare yourself, or your journey to anyone else. This will distract you and delay your progress more than anything else. Keep your eyes focused on your “why” and know that you were created to make a positive change!

6. Join blogging communities, Facebook groups, and different societies to learn about the industry. Show honor and respect to everyone you meet and always be kind and thoughtful of others.

7. OK, it’s time to start, face your fears, and begin planning the first month for this new journey. Figure out exactly what you want to share, who you want your audience to be, and what you want your blog to stand for.

I hope this information helps and looking forward to learning and growing with you.

Love you all, when you guys have gone through the steps, I will be sharing another blog post on how to sustain, and grow. You are amazing, you are equipped, and you got this! So excited for all you are going to accomplish and how you are going to bless everyone you meet!

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