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FASHION - 10 Things To NEVER Say To Pregnant Women - Blogger Babe Collaboration

Beauties! I hope you’re having a wonderful day, I have been really excited to share this post and I’ve teamed up with some amazing Blogger Babes to share our perspective and our experience with you on 10 things to NEVER say to pregnant woman! I am sure that most people mean well, but sometimes comments can hurt more than expected, especially when a woman is pregnant and our hormones are everywhere!

Sometimes it’s the people closest to you like your family or friends and sometimes it’s random people who say things to us in any season of life that come off rude!!

BUT we don’t have to allow what people say to offend us or hurt our feelings!!! The best way to respond is to laugh AND LET IT GO....and remember the truth, that being pregnant is truly a miraculous opportunity and privilege!!!

The main reason I am writing this, is to not only bring awareness but also to make you laugh and relate to us as we share these vulnerable moments!

Here are the amazing Blogger Babes who contributed to this post! Please go check them out and follow them!!! They’re amazing mom/ fashion/lifestyle bloggers who will inspire you daily!

10 statements to NEVER say to a pregnant women!!

  1. You having twins, because you are huge

  2. You sure there is only one in there, because you are definitely eating for two.

  3. WOW, you look like you are about to pop

  4. Oh it must be a boy because your belly is hanging soooo low.

  5. Family - A sister n law once said to one of these amazing bloggers after her second c-section “oh gosh, is your belly gonna always look like that? It’s making me not want kids “

  6. OMG you are so much bigger this time

  7. OMG I don’t remember you ever looking like this with Mckenna

  8. When you walk..... you waddle like your dad

  9. When are you going to have this baby? I thought you were already due?

  10. Are you doing ok, because you look so miserable.

I hope that these made you laugh and also think about what to say and what not sat to pregnant women! If you have hilarious things that of been said to you, please share and let us know!

I hope that if you are pregnant, or trying to lose weight or in a transition season of your life that you truly know how beautiful and wonderful you are! You are so loved and equipped to overcome any trial and every situation!

As women, we have to stick together and empower and encourage each other in every season of life!! We got this! Love you all so much!

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