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FASHION - Mommy & Me Style With Famous Footwear!

Nothing brings me more joy than to see my sweet babies walk out their full potential with confidence and security!!! Well, my sweet baby girl is only 2 and already strutting her kicks and showing everyone we meet that we have matching shoes. I love to match with all my kids and now that we have three sweet babies, the opportunities are endless, especially with Famous Footwear new spring line showcasing mommy and me styles, perfect for every family!

Do your kids LOVE their match with you like mine do? My son is 8, daughter is 2 and sweet baby Kyleigh is only a few days old and my two oldest already loves to pick out matching clothes for Kyleigh.

Being a mommy is so much fun and having styles and shoes that make my family feel connected and cohesive, then I will always be a big fan! The only person we are still working on is my husband..... he’s not sure the matching “thing” is fur him.... but not that is us 4 to 1, I think we can talk him into it!!!

Therefore, we are super excited to wear matching mommy and me floral shoes from Famous Footwear!

Famous Footwear has made it so easy for every parent to match their littles this season! We love all the new styles and can’t wait to keep rocking our mommy and me style!!

There are so many different styles and they seem to be perfect for the summer. I love that Famous Footwear really tries to focus on athletic and casual shoes for the entire family so every parent can make one stop and then be set for the summer!

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