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TRAVEL & FOOD - DAY 2 Fun City Tour - Marvino's Italian Kitchen in Cypress Tx

Beauties!!! If you are looking for phenomenal food, service, and the perfect date night restaurant then Marvinos is your new “it” place!! We were greeted by the friendliest waitstaff, and absolutely love the atmosphere, the decor, and the amazing food!

Today is day 2 of our Super Fun Cypress City Tour and I had the pleasure and opportunity of checking out one of the locally owned Italian restaurants in town! We had been working all day, so we were so excited to go for dinner and try out the highly recommended pizza, stuffed mushrooms, and complementary bread!!

From the moment we walked in, we were greeted by the host and the manger and they were all so kind and accommodating! One of the first things that I noticed, was the wonderful family atmosphere, along with the beautiful decor and open floor plan.

When we were seated, We of course ordered the stuffed mushrooms and meat lovers pizza, I am going to share the prices with you, typically when I do a review I don’t talk about pricing but I was so blown away by there prices, that I had to share!

We ordered the


Mushrooms stuffed with Italian sausage, mozzarella and a touch of Bianco sauce for only $9.99

And the


Italian sausage, ground beef, pepperoni, crispy pancetta, red onions and mozzarella cheese for only $17.99

And ALL three of us split this meal!

We were blown away by the quality, and large portion of pizza that Marvinos offers! The pizza was unforgettable, and the bread was completely addicting! Lol Being pregnant, I crave all bread but this bread was truly exceptional! We shared this pizza and it was enough for three people! It was so good! When you are traveling through Cypress Tx, then I would definitely take time to stop here!!

Even though I had the opportunity to try Marvino’s with a few friends, I would love to bring my husband for a fancy and romantic date night out and my sweet family for a fun night out!

Therefore beauties, when you are traveling through Tx, then I would definitely take time to stop here!! Thank you @Marthaturnersir for sponsoring this super fun city tour!!! Tx #mtsir #sponsored

Thank you Lois Photography for these amazing pictures!

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