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HEALTH & INSPIRATION EVENT - Feed You Beauty Panel - Vital Protein & Lemon Laine Event

Beauties!! What inspires you? Gives you hope or courage??

Well, being apart of the amazing Vital Protein #FeedYourbeauty panel this weekend at the stunning Lemon Laine store, along with so many unforgettable, inspiring, passionate, world changing women inspired me!!!

I love that we were able to tackle real issues such as how to maintain self worth in a “social media world”, how to overcome anxiety, infertility, comparison, and self sabotage!! PLUS we discussed how to create and sustain healthy boundaries and balance in life ( which is essential for everyone )

Beauties! Ahhh loved this event so much! So thankful for so many amazing opportunities to connect, serve, and share ❤️definitely follow these amazing women to be empowered and full of hope!! Check out my instagram for all their details!

Hope you have the best day!! Thank you so much Blo Dry Bar Montrose for always making my hair sooo beautiful and full 💕💕 loved it!! .


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