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FASHION - How to Dress Your Bump (Houston Life TV Feature)

I love fashion because it is so unique for everyone and EVERYONE can feel amazing with the right selection of clothes. So many times, women try to follow all the latest fashion trends only to find themselves frustrated with their bodies and then they give up on trying something new.....the only reason I know this is because I use to be that girl. Have you been that girl??

Well, after becoming a Certified Life Coach and used my passion for fashion and my heart to empower women everywhere to know their worth, purpose, and identity in an innovative way through beauty and fashion to express themselves...learn self love and confidence no matter what size. I recently has the opportunity to go onto Houston Life Tv to share easy ways to enjoy pregnancy while embraces your rapid body transformation. This is suppose to be one of the most beautiful times of our lives and I was excited to help mamas and mamas to be out everywhere.

Here are a few pictures of the sweet and gorgeous mama team that modeled for the segment and a great clip filmed by Houston Life TV!! Hope you enjoy!!

Please let me know what you think and I cannot wait to connect with you more!! Love you all!

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