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INSPIRE - 30 Day Challenge - New Year, New You!!

I am so excited to share with you 30 inspirational blogs, 30 + tips and Life Coaching skills, 30 days to book a life coach sessions for 33% off & 30 days to buy your tickets for our NEXT GLAM Guide that will be on Feb. 7, 2019 in Sugarland Tx. I am thrilled to be kick starting this MONTH by sharing with you this 30 day challenge to refocus, refuel, and reset YOUR GOALS in order to make them a reality!!!!

3 ways to refocus your goals today.

First off beauties, I just want to congratulate you on taking the first step to following your passion in order to make it your dreams a reality and CHEERS to breaking free from ANY complacency that has held you back. In order to be a NEW you, this New Year.....we have to take steps to make new habits and patterns in our lives. If not, then we will continue doing the same thing... expecting a different result... that is the definition of insanity and we are NOT insane.... even though.. with 2 kiddos + one on the way + a family + business and activities...I feel a little crazy sometimes! Who else can relate??

Ok boss babes!!! Let’s jump right in!! I am going to give you an example Monday - Friday of things I’ve done to face my fears and overcome complacency in order to make my dreams and goals a reality and then I’m going to give you the skills and tools you will need to make your dreams or goals a reality.

Today, I’m going to be specifically talking about being a travel blogger. I am so excited that I get to travel and provide opportunities for my family and friends to create unique and special moments in beautiful locations! We have a passion to see the world and embrace the beauty that God has made. It so excited that I get to do this for my sweet family.

We are leaving today for the our family Colorado trip to Grand Lake and I am so excited that I have the opportunity to collaborate with Moose Manor. The owners have blown me away by their kindness, their passion to show their gorgeous home, and their diligence to make our stay excellent at unforgettable. From ice fishing, to skiing, to snowmobiling, sledding and so much more, you can book this magical vacation destination for 10% off by mentioning my name!!! I’m so thankful and honored I get to share this with you! I’ll be posting about our experience for all week and you can find out all about the gorgeous Moose Manor here!! Also check out their Instagram for amazing views and an easy way to find out more information!

Ok now I have shared one of my dreams, I’m going to give you 3 easy steps to take to follow your dreams today!

  1. Write Down 3 things you are passionate about and the 3 things you spend the most time dreaming about. Is it traveling, getting a new job, paying off your bills, going to college, overcoming a debilitating fear, sending you kids to a private school, learning a new language, becoming a blogger?

  2. If you could make these passions and goals a reality, what would you be able to do and how would that affect the people around you?

  3. What are practical ways you could start moving towards your passion and your goals today? You can start by reading books, research the subject, writing down why you want to overcome and accomplish this goal.

I hope that these questions have got to meet your mind to start the game about things that are important and relevant to be coming with you you for the new year, as excited to hear your thoughts and hear what you are passionate about overcoming this year and passionate about accomplishing! Check out the great community to be a part of a group that supports your dreams and your goals while empowering you to be all that you are called and created to be!

Love you all! Can’t wait to see you there!! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s inspiration!!!

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