FOOD & TRAVEL - 3 Places To Go While Visiting Breckenridge, Colorado!

We love visiting Breckenridge. It feels like you have stepped back in time, to a small ski town that is full of shops, restaurants, and adventure opportunities. Since I am pregnant, the list I’m giving you a list based on restaurants and places we love, since I can’t do as much adventure seeking right now. However, from being an extreme adrenaline junkie to just being able to walk around Breckenridge to experience the town, I loved every moment. From one extreme to the other, I believe this list is for you! You’re going to love these options and I know they are going to help make your visit to Breckenridge super memorable.

1. Sevens Restaurant - Enjoy breathtaking views as you dine with your family or your friends and experience the best food and atmosphere from 8 AM to 10 PM. Sevens restaurant is conveniently located inside the Grand Lodge on Peak 7 at the base of the Independence SuperChair. This amazing spot offers who is perfect for bringing your friends and family together you want to experience Breckenridge and I are unique and special way. The casual dining experience mixed with the modern mountain setting create an experience you will never forget. The gorgeous enlarged deck is surrounded by stunning Mountain views and the open air kitchen is nestled between the bar, and large dining. You won’t want to miss out in such a unique experience. BOOK YOUR RESERVATION for your stay here.

2. The O2 Lounge - We had to experience this firsthand, some of our best friends that we traveled with got kind of sick because of the change in the air pressure and needed extra oxygen to help with migraines and nausea. Therefore we went to the O2 Lounge and loved our experience. "The O2 Lounge is an Oxygen Bar and Coffee Shop in Breckenridge, CO. Our 90% Oxygen Sessions (with aromatherapy fragrances) boost blood Oxygen levels alleviating symptoms felt from our high altitude environment including breathlessness, headaches, fatigue, sleeplessness, nausea and even jet lag. We serve Illy coffee at our Espresso bar along with other hot drinks, Dr Smoothy smoothies and sodas and fruit juices. We have lounge and bar seating and TVs, PCs and various games to enjoy while you breathe our Oxygen." Also, Do you all know me, know that I absolutely love to talk to everyone and the staff was super friendly and talk to us for 30 minutes and shared her experience Breckenridge and gave us personal recommendation! We had such a good experience and our sweet friends left feeling so much better. FIND OUT MORE HERE

3. ​Breckenridge Brewery - We have been to Breckenridge a few times every time end up going back to this restaurant because it has such a cool atmosphere a.m. such a unique menu. It’s perfect for large parties or big family gatherings. We have always sat upstairs and because it also has great views of Breckenridge. Here a little background that I though you would love to know about the original Breckenridge Brewpub! Since February of 1990, we’ve been here on South Main Street in the historic mountain town of Breckenridge. We offer up breathtaking views of the mountains from our dining room and patio, an eclectic menu, and a wide selection of beer styles ranging from traditional ales and lagers to sours, saisons, and barrel aged beer.” BOOK YOUR RESERVATIONS or brewery tours here

BONUS - The Cuppa Joe was recommended to us by a really sweet couple who lives in Denver but loves to visit Breckenridge on a regular basis. They stated that this is what is their favorite coffee spot that it such a fun experience for the entire family. You could get a great breakfast, brunch and coffee while fueling up for a great day of skiing, tubing or relaxing. Next time we go, we cannot wait to try out the spot.

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