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FOOD & TRAVEL - Enjoy The Best View & Brunch at Viewhouse in Denver, Colorado!

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Beauties! I have been so excited to share our Colorado Babymoon with you! It has been delayed due to my daughter and I getting sick for two weeks and our aunt passing away, but we all doing so much better and FULL of hope for the future! BTW Thank you all for you sweet love and encouragement throughout this time. Love you all so much!

Ok, without further delay....I am so excited to share our first stop with you!! Get ready to crave the best BRUNCH around!! If you love the outdoors and living a healthy lifestyle revolved around food, fun, and family then the Viewhouse in Denver Colorado is the perfect spot to stop for brunch, lunch, or a fun date night.

We were so excited to try this restaurant because some of our friends live in Denver and recommended we eat here first. With the rooftop dining, and the largest LED TV screen in Colorado, it is the perfect spot for game watching and sightseeing.

We absolutely loved the exceptional view of the Rocky Mountains and the innovative, creative menu. Since I am pregnant, it was so hard for me to make a decision because there were so many items that looked Incredibly tasty. Therefore, I asked my husband to order something different than me and I definitely tasted it!

We went there for brunch, and absolutely loved the atmosphere, the staff, and the food. If you are headed to Denver anytime soon, I would definitely recommend checking out the Viewhouse.


You’ll love the upper level in the lower level, the outdoor space is so functional and so much fun. You can play games with your family or you can go to the rooftop and enjoy the view, the bar, and the exceptional food.

Check out My Instastories HERE for videos and footage of the time we spent at one of our new Favorite Spots in Denver Colorado - Viewhouse

Love you all and hope you have an amazing day!

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