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FASHION - 3 Fun and Festive Holiday Looks With Pink Blush + Huge Sales This Week

I just want to start this post by thanking all of you for your support over the years as I’ve developed my brand, created my blog and followed my passion to inspire and empower women everywhere to know their worth, purpose, and identity! I am so grateful for the opportunity to follow my dreams. My hope and desire is that you are inspired by my content and that we are able to connect on a real leve

I am so excited to share this post,

because I will be sharing fun and festive holiday

inspired looks sponsored by Shop Pink Blush!

I am thrilled to share it this week because they are having a huge sale for Black Friday, all week long at the 60% off. I have put links within this post so that you can click on and go directly to their site, and buy exactly what I’m wearing or something that fits your style even more.

3 Looks With Shop Pink Blush

The first is probably on my favorites, because it includes not only this beautiful and comfortable lace scalloped dress, but also my phone fluffy jacket. This place dress is actually sold out maroon, but it comes in the Navy and cream in a comes in maternity and non maternity so it will definitely be one of your holiday favorites.

I paired It with this fun, teddy bear jacket and my tan suede boots.

I also love these two cute looks. I have already worn this cute plaid shirt three times. It is super versatile, comfortable, and very on trend. It comes in a few different colors and I love the detail in the front and the fact you can wear it if you’re pregnant or if you are not, it is on sale and such a great table with the holidays.

Last but NOT LEAST, Is my play or a little black dress, yet it’s not black.... it’s navy!! Navy Is one of the seasons hardest colors and I love that the dress is so simple yet has a pretty ruffle detail at the bottom and this detail is super flattering. I paired it with this lace duster plus my tan suede boots again and it gave this outfit such a playful feel. However, I purposely chose piece that are versatile, that can be dressed up or down.

I’m thinking about doing a post just to show the different ways you can wear this dress!!

I hope you enjoyed it this post and I want to encourage you to be grateful and every moment. Life is a gift, and it’s easy to take moments for gran, especially with our kids and our family. Even if someone has hurt your feelings this week, encourage you to be quick to forgive, quick to listen and quick to give love, you are a blessing and I hope you have a wonderful day!

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