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TRAVEL - Why I Loved The Blog Societies Conference + 4 Reasons Why You Will Too

If you are looking to grow your network, blog, business, or social media account, while connecting with like-minded women and building your confidence and creativity than The Blog Societies Conference is for you! I loved it because I am so passionate about bringing women together to empower Community over competition by equipping women to know their worth, purpose, and identity! By giving them strategic tools to make your dreams and goals a reality! Love that we are so like minded!!!

My Experience

I was so nervous and so excited to go to my first out of state Blog conference! I set a goal earlier this year to honor my audience in a new way by creating content that was consistently excellent!!! I heard from numerous people that the Blog Societies Conference was one of their favorite blog conferences so I took a step of faith, and signed up. Then to my surprise, I had the opportunity to go with seven other amazing Houston bloggers! It was the ultimate girls weekend full of empowerment, education, and inspiration for our brands and our audience!

Why you should attend the Blog Societies Conference! 1. Networking Opportunities - from the beginning of The Blog Societies 3 day event, we were bombarded with opportunities to connect with bloggers from all over the country to phenomenal brands and businesses to create potential partnerships and collaboration! - I absolutely loved this, because you never know who you’re going to meet, the friends are going to make or the lifelong connections you’re going to gain. It wise a priceless opportunity. 2. Education - on the first FULL day of the event We all got to sign up for four classes to take. I truly felt like I was back in college because I was getting so much knowledge. They brought an amazing speakers to host each class who or credible, knowledgeable and brought us so much wisdom on how to run a successful business. 3. Freedom - I learned how to step out of my comfort zone, take a chance and trust the process. Truly, over the weekend it was super humbling because I learned that I need to work smarter and not harder and that I needed to change a lot about my business, but it was so empowering because I got to learn these things along side of some of the most amazing mom bloggers around. We got to share this experience together and share what we learned as well. It was such a beautiful and euphoric experience. 4. Excellence - The Blog Societies Team Truly made us all feel so loved by how they did everything in excellence! From the photo opportunities to the Photo Booth to the food that was served to the class as we had the opportunity to take, everything exceeded my expectations!

If you decide to go to Blog Societies Conference next year, this is what you will need to do. * You need to sign up for the Blog Societies Membership, then you will have the opportunity to attend the event. It’s a super simple process and it’s such an amazing community to be a part of. They are working to cultivate a community that empowers and inspires each other to follow their dreams. I am so thankful to be a part of this amazing community! If you want more information about the Blog Societies Conference, Check them out here and let me know what you think! Also, I LOVED driving around Atlanta, Georgia in the amazing #mazdax3 with my gorgeous friend, @lipstickandbrunch Laughing for hours, ordering hilariously long Starbucks orders and creating special unforgettable memories!!! Thank you @Mazdausa for making this trip so special and for #sponsoring our ride!! We loved every minute & love this new innovative subcompact design, the gorgeous leather, spacious interior, great gas mileage, and the fact that we fit 3 adults and 6 pieces of luggage comfortably! So great!! #tbscon

Thank you The Hotel At Avalon for hosting us and thank you XXIII Photography For the amazing photos and for capturing these memories so perfectly.

Also, huge shout out to Red Dress Boutique for sponsoring my looks for the entire weekend! 💕💕 Shop my looks here!

Love you all and hope you enjoyed!

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